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Lauren-cubi work in progress

something i streamed a few days ago. this happens later in volume 3's end 

but hey, lauren is smiling... i'm not sure that's a good thing tho XD
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I can have all the Pokémon?



(everybody else)

Wow. I have never seen complete insanity captured so well. The tilt of the head, pulling the lip. and her "where do you keep your knives?" look in her eyes. Seriously, you never went this far in your Harley and Joker stuff.

Also love the backlighting on her ears, and... is the tail intentionally shaped like a question mark?

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she has the MewTwo tail?


Brain went bye-bye, INDEED!

I'd thought it was Lisa. But I mix people up sometimes.

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This expression is the relationship/sexual version of a Bond villain’s maniacal laugh! Looking forward to seeing how all this power goes to Lauren’s head

About three steps away from cutting her own bangs.

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pretty much, yeah XD

She looks like she's been trapped in an elevator with 'Einstein-a-go-go' being piped through the speakers for an entire day...

I think I've seen this before on another cover!

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It reminds me of a song... "She's a maniac, she's a maniac"... is she into dancing? :D

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Probably to this version:

She looks like she smoked the wrong pipe! :o :happybounce: :D

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I am so in love with Fine Print!!! <3. But.. how do you pronounce 'Cubi? I think I've been saying it wrong in my head lol

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When your pizza finally gets delivered!

I love the expression and light in this a lot.

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Nice but um... the teeth look slightly oversized, unless that's part of transformation

i once knew of a book dealer my father bought obscure used books from the mans front teeth were big like twice the size of normal teeth. she kinda looks like shes got bigger but the number of teeth are less

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Let's me just put it this way: your art is as impressive as ever, but if someone smiled at me like that, I'd be out the door and accelerating. ^^;

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that's the idea

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"Is he running away?"

"Yep, and..."


"...just broke Mach 1."

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In that case: Mission success! ^_^

Honestly, I don't know what she has on her mind, but I fear I wouldn't enjoy and/or survive it... ^^;

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