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Fine print Papillon and Anubis part 2

By shiniez
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some more character exploration material for the subplot of Papillon and Anubis. as usual all these dialogues are thematic anchors. placeholder reminders for some important elements that i must keep in mind

more of them here

Mature Content

fine print Anubis and Papillon the furry succubus by shiniez

more Fine print stuff here…

the actual comic is one of the two comics sponsored by 5 and 6 tiers on my patreon. thanks to my patrons the first volume of fine print will see light of day in print late in 2021 :)
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© 2020 - 2021 shiniez
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Seriously , I would pay for your art with just the flat colours. It doesn't even need all the painted effects. It's that good. Love your art and writing, man.

RoyceGrey's avatar

Man, that is dark when you think about it.

ChibiRenamon's avatar

Hot dang, I love the clothes Anubis is wearing there!

RoyceGrey's avatar

That's pretty interesting.

zeynel13's avatar

Takes time... But they get together ! (and all serious, which is not so surprising of Anubis and I suppose Papillon has her more serious moments!)

shiniez's avatar
integral31's avatar

I just had a horrible thought...

A Dog Headed God and a Butterfly Winged Succubus having sex...

Isn't that a bit like a FOX and a CAT having sex?

Oh... God...


limited-capacity's avatar

Not for nothin' Anubis, but maybe she wouldn't have been such a pest if you'd have put on a shirt.

zeynel13's avatar

What would the kids looks like ?

DarkerEve's avatar

Looking forward to this indeed :la:

Heretic1311's avatar

Damn, with more of him now i am willing to say this is THE best depiction of Anubis since the Disney Gargoyles series.

jactinglim's avatar

Your concept sheets are amazing as always

Ryua's avatar

I am so excited for this. SO EXCITED. Also, I am loving Anubis' hood.

DiploRaptor's avatar

So what is this Calm they are speaking of I am curious

crow821's avatar

Wondering the same thing!

sailormoon262's avatar

My guess is that it runs similar to how gods work in Gaiman's writing:

Basically, a god remains immortal so long as they have worshippers. As soon as the prayers stop and no one worships a particular god anymore, however, they disappear entirely.

DiploRaptor's avatar

Eh but then what do you do when a god gets new worshipers and in that work gods kind of bud off an other weird little intricacies

shiniez's avatar

something like it but more along the lines of when they job is done, the either change their purpose, or fade away sinking into the calm and growing rooted to the world. a death for the gods, an eternal odinsleep of sorts the final dream.

dragonwing5279's avatar

I see that even a death god can get a broken heart!

AlasterBoneman's avatar

i am unfamiliar with this goddess and im really happy to see my boi anbus , just like our boi hades, he gets a bad rap.

kolbaski's avatar

Really interesting can't wait for more :)

integral31's avatar

"It'll all end in bitter tears..."

Luisiroth2000's avatar

Love how, on the left one, Anubis seems to be thinking "I look awesome in this hoodie, baby" 🤣

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