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Fine-print-3 cover

a future cover for my comic fine print (or how a divine contract may not be the best cure for a broken heart)
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How can I order this beautiful cover?


Isn't it St. Sebastion who's depicted shot full of arrows?

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I'm so excited for this to come out!!! There's already part of my budget set aside for "Fine Print (or How a Divine Contract May Not Be the Best Cure for a Broken Heart)". And it will remain there until I can have a copy on the way. :heart: :blackrose:

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so nice how you handle the light source from the glowing arrow!

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Looking fine so far! :heart:

Cover for book 3? How many books for the whole story? Five like "Sunstone" or 20 like "Sunstone Saga"? Just trying to figure out how long this will be.

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heavenly masseuse

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They say "The Devil is in the Detail"!

Biased on that picture, I believe the decisions that she has made in life that lead her to this point have been less then optimal.

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But it was a hell of a ride while it to speak.

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No one said a cure for broken heart was going to be painless!

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Looks very beautiful! ❤️
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Insert Bon Jovi song here

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‘Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
Darlin', you give love a bad name’

Is that from 'Poison Arrow' by ABC?

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More like Jon Bovi?

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Next you'll be telling us that drunk calling after 8 beers is not the best way to win back your ex. Tsk. xD

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