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Fine Print extended preview

here is an extended preview for my new comic fine print(or how a divine contract may not be the best cure for a broken heart)

this series alongside of death vigil volume 2 and achilles shieldmaidens is developed through my patreon and will be released in print.

 in comic stores that decide to order it it releases end of october

in bookstores and amazon it releases november second and will cap out at 175 pages

fine print is a tale gods and humans, love , desire, life and death and all the decisions that get us there. 

it is a tale of lauren thomas, a woman who seems incapable of making the right decision in life and the chaos she causes when she seeks for a way to heal her broken heart. turns out a divine contract may not be the best solution for that problem.

amazon preorder link here…

in indie comics preorders help regulate  a printrun of a comic and are the only guarantee that you will actually get the comic. 
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© 2021 shiniez
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Can't wait! Already preodered it from Amazon :la::la:

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Laurens 180° is funny to watch.

From shy pure flowermaiden to selfconfident Diva? B-)

Ryua's avatar

I am SO excited for this one!

Very original & catching, as sexy as ever

DoubleEdgedSword's avatar

So yeah, I need a whole library of this content please. Thank you!

Awesome story and great illustration. Flows well and I hope to see how the story evolves into a tragedy or comedy.

Jurodan's avatar

This looks *absolutely* incredible. Fantastic details. Snappy dialogue. Just great work throughout. Bravo.

Oh gods, this is gorgeous!

goldenavatar's avatar

Huh... Wow, so she went from self conscious about her braces laden teeth to being a fashion model and let a guy she connected with so deeply with so soon in her life just... go? This is interesting already.

shiniez's avatar

her story is gonna be very interesting. she is an extremely flawed character but a very interesting one who will earn her redemption the very hard way

Looks great, good artwork as usual. However, my mind is still with Lisa, Laura and Anne, plz release Sunstone Vol. 8 .......

shiniez's avatar

i haven't even started it. that begins next month XD

Now i'm sad.......:no:

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Excellent work. Looking forward to getting my hands on this and the others.

I'm going to pre-order a copy!

Jie-n's avatar

Loved the preview - can't wait for the whole thing to be out in print! :-)

KurtPruenner's avatar

Lauren is still missing her glasses when sipping on her drink on page 36.

I swear - if that makes it all the way into print I shall taunt you relentlessly... :P

shiniez's avatar

nah, it's fixed just never resaved it again

it will be resaved in the new update tho as i'm going full rez upload :)

KurtPruenner's avatar

Looking forward to not seeing it again, then... :)

Alealeathereader's avatar

"... in bookstores and amazon it releases november second and will cap out at 175 pages..." so now... I know what I want for my next birthday :D

Guardiavoir's avatar

is rachel asexual?

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