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Death vigil volume 2 extended preview

volume 2 of death vigil is entirely funded and supported and owes its very existence to my patrons on patreon and for this they have my absolute gratitude!

book 2 will be finished in the first half of 2022 after which achilles shieldmaidens goes into full production
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oh i like the idea of the red cort, are their others corts that explore diffrent aspects of necromancy?

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Greeeaaat! Just waiting for my vol.1 to arrive at home :D

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Excellent work. Can't wait for more.

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Well, what can I say? Amazing work like the usual? It's getting more and more difficult to be original with any praise to you, Mr. Shiniez, as you improve on the artistic as well as on the scenario level. Anyway, it's very entertaining, and that's for the best!

Their banter is as hilarious as ever and the art has gotten even more gorgeous since the first book. I love the Vigil, can't wait to see the whole story. I'm curious about Maria, she must be a completely loose cannon now, with nobody left she cares about

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Looking good so far! :nod:

Loved the first book.

Was afraid there wouldn't be a second one.

Looking forward to it.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

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nice, very nice!

so many references to the previous story-arc.

Sam got an upgrade but the necros have not taken notice. Does that guy now think "THAT is one of the weak ones?" Nothing better to beat the smug out of a jerk that pant wetting fear.

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Nice. Will be waiting for the book to arrive in my local shop. Don't wanna spoil myself

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Epic and Badass

Volume 2 and book 2 are the same? So, provide I know how to do it I can still support the project on patreon and buy a print version when it's come?

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yes, volume 2 is book 2 :) printed version will be out next year available in the usual places, comic stores that are willing to order it and of course online sources like amazon

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Looking forward to it. :D

Now, Sam is one sexy son of a Berserker

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Unable to open this one either. I'm on an iMac. Is there something I should be aware of on this problem?

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deviantart is often buggy and won't load the preview for that try just downloading it. we had some issues yesterday with the reader not activating on the site

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Wouldn't download either, alas. Hope the problem gets resolved. Obviously, some of your followers were able to view it.

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others did. hm... could be a mac thing? but that's weird if it is. nobody had issues with it before. it's probably another deviantart internal bug. sorry for that

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Oh boy, I can't wait. Is this going to be available on Amazon, etc.?

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as usual, yes :)

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