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Death Vigil 5-8 high qualits pdfs

some of you have read these on my nebezial account. these are much higher quality versions.

enjoy :)
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In all seriousness, that will be the second of yours stories that i'll buy and tell all of my friends about. Great great stuff, thank you for all theses stories and memorables characters !

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One of my favourite comics of all time, seriously. I recommend it to people constantly.

Well I started reading this story and it's a couple of hours later. Awesome story and easy to get drawn in, I await the next chapters with great eagerness.

I feel like this would make a great anime. And your mecha series too.

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oh this is some good stuff :) i missed everything past the first volume, so i had a great day. Thank you!

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I so love this comic. Do you plan to ever continue it?

Great story, great art, and OMG the 'You broke my Vikings' bit was F'ing gold :D

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God, I love this... so gory and grizzly, yet so elegant and sophisticated, MAGNIFICENT.

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Thank you for sharing these. Your works inspire me!

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Thanks for sharing!

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The Girl Scout Cookies gag gets me every time.

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Thank you, very generous to share the complete story, if I get enough on the side I'll so buy those!

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My favorite series. Still hoping for a sequel.

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So Good. You are the best story teller :)

Okey. Both Read.

Now. ¿Were do I buy? Hard cover, please.

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This is the only comic I've ever actually bought digitally and I'm so excited for Part 2

If i could i'd kiss you man

i miss this book, such potential

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book 2 coming next year. being made through patreon right now :)

ohh, thats amazing, will it be a patrion exlusive or could i buy it from a comic book store, or inline. i like me some phiscal media

is there any chane we ever get a continuation of switch i quite enjoyed that book to

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book will be available in stores and online through usual options of amazon and similar stores

switch is dead tho.

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