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Death Vigil 1-4 pdfs high quality

decided to host it on this account as i do spent all of my time here anyways. 
© 2021 shiniez
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OK, I am now officially ready to buy some of your work. Any more to this one available somewhere? Long time reader, have long enjoyed your art and storytelling.

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Is it available on any other websites, maybe more... phone friendly? Or just here?

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I read this too fast expecting there to be more chapters. I need a volume three, please?:please:

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Da li je moguće ovo preuzeti/downloadovati? Ili je ovo ekskluzivno read-only na tvom profilu? Unapred hvala.

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lijevo, ispod pdf readera ti je download opcija :)

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OK, sad se skida propisno. Ranije nije htelo, samo mi je pokazivalo neke errore.

Hvala najlepše. Kad možeš, baci pogled na privatne poruke ovde.

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you need to make like a spreadsheet with the stats and abilities of all the veilrippers, this is prime-material for a game setting

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Oh this is so awesome! I didnt know comics could be posted this this! Thanks for sharing it all in one place. Really looking forward to reading it through :)

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I loved it when I read it some years ago. definitely a keeper as is sunstone.

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I knew I would, but so far I am really enjoying this.

Dam this comic is so good, you must publicize it

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It has been.

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Love the comic very much and art is amazing!

"decided to host it on this account "

Wait, I thought Death Vigil was commercial work of yours, like your Witchblade and Darkness illustrations?

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death vigil is completely creator owned, like sunstone, fine print the queen and the woodborn and achilles shieldmaidens

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It doesn't really matter what the story is, or what the characters, but I know when I see something from you that it will be of astoundingly high quality, attention to detail, a clear aesthetic vision, and a compelling visual that draws me into each frame. Your talent simply shines in each panel. Many thanks for sharing this.

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Loved Death Vigil. I still go back and re-read it because I love the story, the art, and the world so much

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Beautiful pages!

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Thanks for the download. I read the whole thing as you released it but it was a bit out of order. I tried to buy it at the comic shops but I could only find a copy of issue 7. They only ever had half a dozen copies to sell at any given time. The good news, you sold every copy. Sorry it didn't sell better overall, I hope you made a decent return on your work.

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Updated versions! Woot!

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Of course, I have the physical comics, but I'm sure others appreciate not having to excavate your gallery to find these.

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