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By shiniez
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technically it's not a sex toy! XD
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Well, that's the first time i found this joke entertaining.

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So the cake IS a lie...

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Is that Lisa's Birthday Cake?

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DemonicCloneHobbyist General Artist

Hmm this would be interesting to make.

Thin slices of cake layered with icing, covered in fondant or modelling chocolate.

Given a red candy coating. maybe strawberry or cherry flavoured.

Threaded on a licorice, fruit leather, or leather strap.

nidhogg3's avatar

heh... April fools

RoyceGrey's avatar

That seems interesting.

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IllyDragonflyHobbyist General Artist

The only way to shut me up... shoving food in my mouth. XDDD

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In which Lisa is reminded that her wife is a total and utter geek.

ENxGore's avatar

So did she bake it with the straps in it or...?

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I'd like to think it's like a cakepop. Cake is crumbled and mixed with ice cream then formed around the stick or strap in this case.

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Thats suppossed to say icing

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macdieterHobbyist Traditional Artist

Gagball? Piece of cake!!

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Get out. That pun was horrible xD

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KlugdunumHobbyist Digital Artist

I think he can stay, I found it good ^^

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macdieterHobbyist Traditional Artist

Hope the cake was better!

usoutlaw's avatar

hahaha that look of "what the fuck?!"

stpauldeviant's avatar

I absolutely loved ball gags before, i love them even more now.

eggsnhamrgreen's avatar

Ball gag is a lie!

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I'll be honest I just thought she bit all the way through the gag. I was thinking "What did Ally do to cause her to bite that hard." It took reading the comments to realize it was cake.

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WarriorNunHobbyist Traditional Artist


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MasterOfDolls2020Hobbyist Photographer

It made me smile. Thanks

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chainedoombaby Artisan Crafter

That expression in that last shot! I just died laughing!

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byrnstarHobbyist General Artist

…but does it have a creamy nougat center?

(okay sorry that sounded SO wrong lol)

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Ahahahha hilarious! :)

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