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me: i gotta focus down as i got 21 pages of shieldmaidens to finish the backgrounds and shading for

my brain: ally zorah tho!
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Ally sure looks sexy when totally covered in latex.

Funny. (Looks at style of gas mask) I predict a fog front in about a minute. ;P

I love Lisa and all but thats a giant red flag. The girl has no frame of reference...

This's really creative work you've got here.

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I agree with Lisa: I have no idea what those words mean o.o

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What's going to win here: my innate hatred of puns, my love of Ally's gamer humor, or the part of my brain that says "F**k those other options, dem's hawt ladies man, focus on that!!"? ....Probably one of the later two!

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I´m not big on ME, but i did enjoy the games 1 and 2.

Tali Zorah vas Normandy is a fan favorite for a reason.

BTW, Stjepan, do you still have the Tali looking cute doodle anywhere laying around?

Was looking for it a while back but couldn´t find it any longer... you know, the one you just drew a smily face on her helmet...


Maybe Lisa needs a Shpherd to show her the way?

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Ally’s gonna Kil’a bitch 😂❤️

That feeling when you realize your the biggest geek in the room.

Yeah, me neither.

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I heard they released all of the games(updated graphics) and DLCs in a bundle pack on steam. Is this why I'm seeing so much reference to that game? Also this is awesome. I plan to play these games.

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Time for an education.

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I have to say the mandatory, "I get it!"

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My brain LOVES to do something similar. It's so frustrating.

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Oh! The corn is great with this one! LOL. May the farce continue to be with you! Ahahahaha!

You joke, but I bet quarian themed latex suits with LEDs would sell VERY WELL:D

Maybe "someone" should consider making a market research on that?

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How! No Metal Gear reference? Shame on Ally xD

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Awesome idea and fun comic.

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