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sunstone alan and anne. their first session started off as an awkward mess, between an enchanted dom who couldn't find his domspace and an awkward giggly sub who was too embarassed to sink into her subspace they work it out eventually XD

like with the initial couple of ally and lisa this one will be something beyond adorable and to achieve that i gotta do my chemistry tests early ;)
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I'd love to see their first session I imagine it's the most common scenario for newbies starting out :D

MirrorKhaos's avatar

They are a great duo, and this is a wonderful picture of them.

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Aww, lookit them being adorable.

MotokoTachibana's avatar

Everything is better with a shrug/bolero jacket~♥♥♥

CanRay's avatar

Come on, show your nips at least, he is!

OldSarge's avatar

I think that the chemistry will be excellent.

SuikTwoPointOh's avatar

Alan is an Aeon Flux fan isn’t he?

shiniez's avatar

doesn't know what that is. neither does his creator XD

SuikTwoPointOh's avatar

I don't believe that for a second - LOL!

But... if it's true, imagine if Egon Schiele and MC Escher saw your early Sunstone artwork and decided to make an S&M sci-fi ninja dominatrix animation.

Way ahead of its time and there has been nothing like it since. Here's the pilot in all its wordlessly unsettling, kinetic glory!

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aaah wait i remember there was some movie actually!

SuikTwoPointOh's avatar

The movie is terrible but the animation is fantastic. The storytelling in the shorts is really good. Each episode stands up to rewatching. I think you’ll like it.

keparks's avatar

Ohmygawd, they are just too cute

Tired-n-bored's avatar

First thing, every time anne tries to cover her breasts with her hands...she gets a swat on the butt!

Jonot's avatar

Well……. At least he’s wearing pants

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Hey Stjepan, Been a longtime follower of yours, and have all of your Sunstone comics so far and love them to bits. Awesome characters and designs are just amazing. Keep up the epic work :)

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*who x2 :XD: Had troubles reading the description :D

But yes, i look forward to their story.

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