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Achilles Shieldmaidens prologue chapter pdf

achilles shieldmaidens is a new comic i'm developing. it's a personal love letter to the mecha genre and will include all kinds of influences from all the mecha shows i loved either for their plot or their characters or their designs, while telling a distinctively its own tale
this here is the prologue chapter. merely an opening to something that will evolve into a true epic mixing the over the top action with my particular brand of character writing and storytelling.
hope you like it
mind you by the time the book goes into full production all of this will be further improved on still
Β© 2021 shiniez
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Extremely beautiful and inspiring! Thank you.

Looking forward to this coming out in print. Really love your work.

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This looks super cool, I’d love to see it!
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I will be sure to buy this as soon as I can.

This is excellent and must be supported!

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I am intrigued, and my appetite definitely whetted.

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OMG!! Awesome!!! :heart:

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Amazing as always. Your story telling and art are top notch!

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Damn your characters are awesome !

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:nuu: !!! *excite* looking forward to see where this goes!

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Once more, a brilliant story from you.

Tindome-Art's avatar

Oh wow. Oh WOW.

....I'm hooked SO BAD. Thank you.

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You got me with giant mecha robots. I love this one Stjepan. Looks amazing.

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Wow, looks awesome!!! :o :clap:

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defintely going to give this a look.
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yas....need all of this

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Amazing art and storytelling.

Another top class project.

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Damn !

I wasn't really excited by this project at first. I was so wrong ! And I'm really really hyped now. All of this sound so great. I can't way to see you explore more of this univers and make theses characters grows.

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Might be me, but I don't see anything to open or download?

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DA is relying on your browser's capability to display PDF natively for the display - but on the right hand side where the "Add to favorites" and "Comment" links are (right above this page's title) there's a download-arrow-icon that should allow you to download the PDF?

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