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10/10 would solo again!

By shiniez
aand so continue
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one of your best
universe1919's avatar
Wonder what way(S) did Lisa's pornic works did help her than paying bills.
IllegalSympathy's avatar
Mostly through things like patreon's. It would never cover her but on top of her barista work it helped her live comfortably. 
annoyinglizardvoice's avatar
Nice work. I love Jade's design.
tucraz's avatar
Dude! battlesbo gave Ally a cameo in Go Get A Roomie! Two of my fave comics in one strip! (Faints from excitement!)
drsedulus's avatar
that's fantastic cartoon artwork!
Daenynia's avatar
pls get them back together some how.... it could be so great!
"You know tose pony stories of mine?"

Wait, what? She never wrote any... ooh! THAT's what she said...
ThisIsArtling's avatar
I'm pretty sure you just managed to completely shatter every last bit of my heart... .-.
Armondikov's avatar
Oh yeah, after all the emotional turmoil, the relationships, back story, character development, and amazing art direction, I had forgot that this was porn!! :p
AmericanGecko's avatar
Been there, done that.  And in a lot of ways, losing a D/s relationship hurts oh so much more than losing a vanilla one.
Lil-0dd1ty's avatar
ESPECIALLY if you're the sub :/ you lose the person who gave you safety and care... it feels like being an abandoned pet, by a master who suddenly doesn't love you anymore.
Also been there, done that. And I figure the multiplying factor is that your not just losing a friend but a confidont. Loss of trust and affection.
Sharnzy's avatar
god i love the fleshing out bits as much as the funny and sexy parts. it really makes Lisa and Allison mean so much more as characters to me as a rabid fan.

10/10 will always recommend sunstone to anyone that loves comics, girls, love stories, bondage, and of course girls in bondage love stories that are AWESOME
IsisTemptation's avatar
How do you manage to make it better every time? <3
sethbramwell's avatar
I love this one, I can actually relate to it on a few levels. 
Ragnellrok's avatar
You do such a great job with these.... but..... if you could please put like.... a page number in the description or title, I'd be most appreciative. I don't always have time to check every day or even every other day, so most of the time when I see two or more posts I have to check what time the oldest comment was posted... it's not that important, but again, I'd be most appreciative. Thank you. -- at the top, it's ALWAYS in reverse chronological order (newest first).
When you go to the appropriate GALLERY for given chapter (in this case, Chapter 5), that one will be in chronological order (newest last).
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I hope you liked my comments if you read them Stjepan :). Love your work bought a copy of Sunstone from the store. I love lisa and alley. 
shiniez's avatar
i do read comments but rarely have the time to reply, juggling too many things at once XD
dingleberry89's avatar
I randomly came in here, and I can't tell if you wrote a character who is writing a character on the internet of that character on the internet, or your are writing about yourself writing about a character? I think I just confused myself? 
shiniez's avatar
would it help if i confirmed that i'm not writing about myself?

removes one part of the equation and makes it more manageable XD
dingleberry89's avatar
The smallest of clues can solve a puzzle. Thanks. 
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