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Snoozing Snoozles

By Shinichigo
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Oh Toph, you wouldn't be leaning in closer if you could see that snot bubble...

Eh, doodle with an uninstalled tablet XD Whad'ya expect? Anyways decided to upload my anime-ish looking art on this account, since I sense a lot of Tokka in the future
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TenshiHunnyHobbyist General Artist
Cute. =3
EASTERNBORDERHobbyist General Artist
There's actually a pillow!
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spinelliluvStudent Writer
aw, i love this so much. would you mind if i colored it? i'd credit you of course :D
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Now how can anyone resist a sight like that?
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acuually she can see to a point she sences the earth brbrations and uses them to make pictures of shapes.
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But I thought Toph was blind...
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do moar tokka, and you will win mah heart!!! XDDD there are few tokkas in DA D: and I really love this ship snif!! Porque dios!!! porque?! XDDDDD mah bad hahaha
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theres a good story with tokka, kataang, maiko pairings in it. if you want to read the adress is here......

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ooh thanks =)
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the adorableness! cant get enough of the adorableness!
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Aw, this is adorable. Hey, I did a coloring project for one of my friends, would you like me to color this for you? I'll give you credit and the link I colored my friend's image in. Just like him, you'll receive full credit in the line art, and I will hand write your name in the image just like my friends. It's totally up to you, i hope to hear from you!

[link] <--- This is the image I colored for my friend. :] I use traditional media, so.
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Sure, anyone's free to color =]
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Thankies! [link]
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Oh, it looks neat! *favs* =D
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I'll send you the finished link shortly. :] Mi pop's just fixed the scanner, hopefully it'll work.
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MangaKa-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist
but toph can't see... well that aside, this drawing is adorable! ^-^
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Exactly, she can't see *points at description* XD
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MangaKa-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist
i didn't see the italic font XP weird...
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Angel-Star727Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwwwwwww, extremely adorable!

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