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Favourite Visual Artist
Do I have one? ;) Just wait, eventually I'll pick someone up.
Favourite Movies
"Saw" series, "Friday the 13th" series... And other slasher stuff.
Favourite TV Shows
"Edd, Ed & Eddy", "South Park", "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood", "Dragon Ball" and... "Friendship is Magic" ;)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I love all the music! Well... Almost.
Favourite Books
Mainly manuals. And Dictionary.
Favourite Writers
Franz Kafka
Favourite Games
Classics from Playstation One era, "Might and Magic" series.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 2
Other Interests
Riddles and Machines :]

Monday the 13th

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Hello, Even more time has passed. What was it like? Well, first I was focused on my studies since it was the final semester. At the same time, I worked on my master thesis. Business as usual when suddenly, pandemic has arrived and almost everything went wrong. And some time after that I had to find myself a some extra job. I think you can guess how it all turned out for making new content. But there is one thing that makes me happy. I was afraid that due to lockdown I may suffer from depression again like some of my acquaintances, but luckily it didn't seem to be the case. Actually, I'm doing just fine. As for this day, I've already adapted to this somewhat new reality and... Well, it's okay. Everything is postponded but eventually I'll make it through. One last thing, about this new DeviantArt. I'll be honest with you guys - I don't like it that much. Don't get me wrong, it looks good, fresh and professional and I'm sure it's functional but I got used to older version too much. I
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0 min read
This time I'll keep it short. I've decided to shut up and go back to work... well, whenever I can find more time between most important things. I wanted to stay silent until at least one new drawing is completed. Meanwhile I found out I already had some but I forgot to upload it. Sorry. Anyway, it worked, I guess. Let's hope it will be good point for a new beginning of some kind. I'm preparing new content. I intend to show you some of the works I've finished some time ago and which you maybe saw already too. Of course there is always some room for revisions but if I keep improving everything endlessly, then I'll never upload anything, beca
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Guess who?

0 min read
Hello? Since my last visit here I've been through a lot. First I had to focus on my studies to make sure I'll past current semester. And, as much as I was aware of my doings, I couldn't help but do some pointless chores which effectively consumed much more time and made already hard work even harder. Was it worth it? Well, yes, because I'm satisfied with my grades. And no, because I didn't find enough time for every subject and I'll have to take some exams in september. At the same time I had to face numerous family problems but this time I found myself in completely new situations. I think I didn't react to it that well. Forgive me, but I
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Hey, are requests open?

Hey ShinHoffman, I'm just want to know that have you start my request Spike and Scootaloo's waltz comic?.
Sorry, I was sure I already replied to you. My bad. In any case, I'm still busy with current requests and other works which awaits completion. So for now I'm not taking new requests but since you shared your idea with me, maybe I'll try to do this in the future. We'll see. There's always so much more work with comics ;)
Hi, the name is chazkopa. I'm impressed that your artwork is amazing.

I'm aware that you focusing on the requests, so wanna to hear my request comic idea?.
Hi, thanks for feedback, I appreciate it :)

It turned out that comics requires much more time and focus than I anticipated but sure, tell me about your idea for a story. Who knows, maybe when I'm done, it will be another request worth doing ;)
My request comic will be called Spike and Scootaloo's waltz and it's take place in the second part of the Canterlot

it all began during the royal wedding reception of Shining Armor and Cadance, Scootaloo was sitting on a garden bench and staring up at the stars when Spike went to see her. They talked for a while then Spike asked Scootaloo for a waltz dance and she nodded as he took her hoof. During the waltz, Scootaloo and Scootaloo began had feeling to each other. So they slowly kiss to each other. Then they lay down in the grass and relax.

So what did you think?.