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Pose tutorial


Yes it's true, new monthly tutorials are now available via my Patreon
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A tutorial 8D I listened to the commenters in my last poll thingy and went with a pose tutorial first. Hopefully someone finds this helpful!

Here are some additional links on DA:
Anatomy tutorials:……

Another great pose reference:

And another pose reference link suggested by Kidj3,…
An anatomy ref link suggested by Nethrion,…

Comment if you have any questions or if I made a typo or something, not that I'll actually fix it, haha.

My other tutorials:
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Commission Tutorial
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I really like that "Be critical" advice. I've learned that if I feel off about something, I'm always right about that gut feeling. I've had to tell myself to not be afraid of erasing nearly everything to start over, if needed. Entire face? Gone. All of the legs? Gone. The more I draw what I'm trying to draw, the better the next attempts will be until I've finally discover what I was going for.

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This is super helpful, thank you!
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I was wondering, can you do a tutorial on necks? I always find myself struggling with them ^^' it would be great to see how you would tackle them!! ^^
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Chinchillas is the only way.
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why hasn't this gotten a D.D. yet, I have come back to these poses time and time again they are so useful. This is always something I struggle with and I want to loosen up my style and character designs, I just need to take some of the information closer to heart.
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'Also a fat dropping a cake is hilarious' HAHAHA you're amazing holy shit
SunkistLuna's avatar
"helpful yet hilarious"10/10 would read again
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Very helpful information, thank you!
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This tutorial is most helpful indeed~ 
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Thanks so much for the tutorial!
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This is a very good resorce, thankyou for creating this!Squee! 
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This is the only tutorial that I've ever seen that tries to be funny and actually pulls it off.
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Thank you so much for the tutorials you are the best and thanks for all the advice!
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Lembro que falou disso!
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Thank you, thank you so much. :D
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
Luv the sass this tutorial has XD I don't use tutorials, but I just had to comment on this one because of chinchillas XD
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Great help for me! I'm studying poses atm and I thought this was very helpful 
Thanks :heart:
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#@^& Yeah Giant Chinchillaz!
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