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My buddy~

Just a quickie I did last night. He is the main character of a webcomic I'm going to start posting in January... been working on it a little over a year now, so it's come a long way! It's intentionally a bit more technical than my usual stuff so I've been preoccupied with research on my spare time between doing irl work.

Anyways Mike/ Fish is a principal investigator, a geologist, and is fakesmiling hardcore. This was an attempt at a pre-mission photo... in the comic he looks more like this, haha. This is all pointless blathering without any comic context so whatevs~ but I will have more to share soon as I continue to ramp up.
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Hooray! So excited to see more of your comics, Meek was one of my first inspirations to start drawing and it's still one of my favorite comics. :)
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'm so excited about this project!
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This looks awesome!

My first quick thought was that this reminded me of The Dig, that old 90s Lucasarts game.

I'm really excited to see you get back into webcomics!
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I absolutely adore his design! It usually takes a while for me to warm up to other people's OCs, and I always need to see some level of characterization first to get to know what they're about, but your character is just so refreshing to look at and his personality exudes from every picture due to your wonderful skill and your amazing ability to capture really nuanced expressions. I can't wait to see more! Everything you do is fantastic :)
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Thanks ;__; I don't know if I agree, haha, I think his design is pretty heavily flawed (the limitation to his expressions w/o eyebrows is killing me), but that's like, what he looks like? I'm going to try to make it work!! Really appreciate your words tho :3
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Haha, call it a challenge rather than a flaw maybe! I kinda get that though, I have an OC with quite an unusual face (who happens to be my favourite) and his face just does not cooperate. It can be really frustrating and he ends up coming across as more bland than I intend.

But if anyone can make expressions work it's definitely you, it's one of my favourite aspects of your work!
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Can't wait to reeeaaad it with all that little snippets you are giving us! :D 
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I'm really looking forward to it. :D
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I don't know why but his absence of eyebrows pleases me.
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with all the sketches and stuff you post I'm really looking forward to seeing the final project! :D
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Me too! haha. I'm not allowed to start final art until Nov according to my current schedule but all prework will be done by then. I'm really raring to go
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Glad to hear it's all going according to plan! :3
So I take it the plan is to use Nov and Dec to pile up enough finished pages in advance? How long is your comic - like, are you still planning to work on the later pages when the first ones go out in Jan (and hope not to fall behind schedule)??
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Well, my schedule is pretty tight due to work, so the plan (god willing) is to have script done by mid next month, pencils for the first third by end of oct, then nov and dec to finish 20 pages of backlog. This is the most ideal schedule, of course... likely not going to end up with what I want but at least it's something to aim for. Schedule after that is entirely dependent on my workload, but hopefully the buffer will help with that.
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Sounds like a solid plan though - fingers crossed that everything will work out fine!
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Yup! Either way (too busy due to paid work or more free time to do my own work) is sounding pretty good XD
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Can I describe how many levels of awesome I see there? :D Not only you have an upcoming webcomic (always a treat), it has a moody fakesmiling investigator who WENT IN SPACE (also woo) and he shares a surname with two of my characters (relative?! I doubt it, but still yay). Basically, count me in, I already can't wait. :D
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Haha, it is a great surname XD I had a hard time deciding between Fisher and Fischer but the former is obviously the cooler one.

And YES space, space forever~
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