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Meeeeek dump

Bunch of mostly black and white stuff from the last few months! Also, 90% Luca, its not my fault ;__;

Scrapped later!

The Meek (c) me
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Even the very rough work looks too cool. I totally fail by trying this with my board....and don't know if this is only because of my missing skills or because of the ps elements version of my programm. 
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I'm crying...Awesome work!:)
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Love the intensity of the one with Luca holding Phe. Crazy Luca is best Luca!
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You have soo much skill. Give me some of that! Daymn, it's amazing.
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You do a great job at picking the values in your greyscale stuff! It all looks great~ And that Angora at the top looks awesome! I love her expression and the colors you used on her~

/stalking the older pieces in your gallery
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Haha, thank you XD And get out of my old art, it is bad for you
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Whhhhhhhhhh this is so gorgeoussssss all the lines just wow jeez al;skdfjad

What program do you use? (I ask everyone this and every time I feel like such a huge dork.)
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Haha, just photoshop :) default brushes with a wacom tablet.
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I use the same things and yet yours becomes so much greater.
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Haha, well its a matter of practice... my original photoshop attempts were sorry as hell
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That's always the way: practice until your brain falls out. And yet somehow practice eludes me. I can't stand trying to to lineart over my pencilwork. Ever. At all. Although I have. I do it. But then COLORING, well THAT is just mind numbing. So I stick to solids. But I wish I didn't.
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Well, the best way to practice is to draw something you like doing but with some new element. So if you really like drawing... chinchillas for example, draw them except this time really focus on the coloring (if you're trying to teach yourself colors). Or if you want to learn to draw realistically, then use photos of... chinchillas or whatever and use that love to fuel some artistic growth :) It actually really works!
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Nice example— I'll remember that. Thanks. I actually figured that, if I don't like something, I should try to draw it more. It's just hard to find motivation to do that.
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Yeah, its a bit counterproductive to force yourself to draw things you don't like :) Even if you have to do something you hate (for me it was learning perspective) there are definitely ways to make it personally interesting.
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I really like how you drew Hyla. Her irises are such a pale blue but just enough colour to emphasise her eyes. And I don't know why but the old dude rocks so hard. Maybe it's the epic jaw.
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is that Luca offering Phe's body to Dagre?! D:
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noooo!!! this confirms my worst fear D:
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Is that... Luca.. holding Phe?
Phe D:
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...Is Phe the one next to Pinter?...
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Pinter isn't on here XD
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