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Ladies Tutorial


Yes it's true, new monthly tutorials are now available via my Patreon
>>>>> Get new tutorials and write it off on your taxes (you can srsly do this if resources are art-job related, lol) <<<<<

BOOBIES/ VAJAJAY ALERT don't look if you don't like non-sexual female reproductive organs

Another tutorial, this time for figuring out women (what they look like, anyways). I'm not an expert on the female body so I had to ask my dear friend and explorer, Sir Kitty, to help me. Also the internet.

Sorry the file is so humongous, I don't know what happened T__T Maybe its because this tut is so awesome. Probably.

But yeah, same as usual, any comments or questions feel free to ask! Thanks in advance for checking it out XD

emla was kind enough to point out that its not the carotid artery sitting right there in the open (lol) but the sternocleidomastoid muscle! THE MORE YOU KNOW... haha I was thinking it was the convenient artery so serial killers don't have to strain themselves.

Also I'd like to point out that this is NOT a human anatomy tutorial. Yes I go over some anatomy but I seriously have no clue where shit goes outside of what a regular bio major learns. This is more like tips to drawing girls that don't look crazy deformed, though yes my style might inherently make them look that way despite my efforts. If you have any issues feel free to consult actual photo refs, they are always the best help when it comes to figuring out this sort of thing. Thanks again for reading!

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"what do these legs say about the owner?"
my brain: left, normal human and right....a pearl?
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It isn't just fat distribution that contributes to a female shape, it's also the overall bone structure too, cuz some females have HUGEpelvises giving them wide hips, while some females have tiny pelvises making their hips smaller ^^
Karlalymy's avatar
Love it! I like how you've asked questions instead of explaining everything by yourself, it forces us to thing about everything you're talking about by ourseves. 

For (nude) reference pictures I wanted to give a little shoutout to the Croquis Cafe. They have a big varriation of models of all kinds, men and women, in artistic poses. It's really helpful! :D
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While not what i was looking for, it still is a great overall tutorial on female anatomy. glad i found it!
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*tries to go through tutorial without a nose bleed*
Lady-Weavile-461's avatar
Oh thank you for this! The 'its okay to look it won't bite' I found very funny and this was a great reference :) 
SagelyByMoonlight's avatar
Funny how I find myself back here again after a few years. I guess your stuff is just that popular with people, which is amaze! (Yes, it was misspelled on purpose.) Keep it up!
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A great quick and handy reference!
goosetooth's avatar
Just wondering why did you only draw the privates for the women's guide o-o;? (this is only out of curiosity I am NOT a perv XD)
shingworks's avatar
Haha, it's because I'm a girl actually... I don't have as much first-hand knowledge of male anatomy so I linked a guide I like at the time since it was better than anything I could draw/ I didn't feel like googling for a bunch of dick pics. l
LawOfThe3rd's avatar
goosetooth's avatar
Oh yeah that makes sense XD you would have to look at a lot of... unpleasant pictures to know.... . .;
GrahamSandwich's avatar
Shitting dick nipples
SoleWorker's avatar
Raw, frank, and just true -

I LOVE IT La la la la 
lhannahl's avatar
I read this twice before i noticed the poop doesn't come out of here and the vaj rawr-ing at me xD
AnnRosalyn's avatar
Lol, vajajay XD I love your tutorials so much! XD
SpikesArtChannel1987's avatar
Lunangel07's avatar
Awesome tutorial! Thank you! <3
Stichflamme's avatar
Gorgeous, helping me with inktober a lot, as are your other tutorials.
Might I point out though, that the wonderful pink soft things between the thighs or "lips down there" are called vulva as a whole and I'd be really scared if I saw a vagina ;-)
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I dont have boobs to learn from, so this helped a lot!
Shadowlink-44's avatar
Thanks this is very helpful
DeviantDanny2000's avatar
This was helpful and funny at the same time lol. I like your writing style. 
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