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April 1, 2008
I say by =alexds1 is a fantastically drawn and coloured with some great Highlights. =alexds1 has a great style of drawing characters and expressions. I recommend checking out the rest of =alexds1's gallery and comics.
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I say

Art Collab! Or trade! I can't remember! Something like that though. The idea was to pit my character, Luca, against ~pooryorick's character Miranda, she's doing a companion pic which I will link to whenever it is finished! Miranda is from her comic Memento Mori ([link]), which is fucking awesome, I'm not exaggerating because I feel obligated, it really is one of my favorite comics. Miranda is a self-taught necromancer and occasionally dispatches things with her bumbershoot. Luca, from my comic ([link]), is just doing his whatever deathands because thats his thing. I have no idea who would win.

I was putting this off for a long time because I had other things to do and I couldn't get the composition right and blar blar, then finally last night I said to myself, 'self, just do the fucking thing and stop procrastinating.' Interestingly enough it didn't take as long as I thought! So thats that.

[link] 8D OMG

Miranda (c) :iconpooryorick:
Luca (c) me
Glow-verkill achieved w/ Photoshop
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You know this is amazing. I don't need to tell you this is amazing. But, dude....this is amazing.
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Haha, thanks XD
Chukkz's avatar
Axe vs. Umbrella-ella-ella-eh... cough.

The lighting is awesome.
Vinca5's avatar
Luca's chances don't look too good, shes got an umbrella!
OrangePopFox's avatar
I'm really excited to see Luca fight in the comic, it seems like it would be completely badass.
fabnt's avatar
:heart: the facial expressions.

Well...I love it all.

Brilliant. :+fav:
shingworks's avatar
fabnt's avatar
You're welcome. :iconninjaglompplz:
nearlyindicent's avatar
He looks like he's about to go into drunken monkey fu or something
Noxiihunter's avatar
i love the intensity here! the expression is fabulous :D and a lovely job w/ the cg.

the choice of weapons is hilarious! I love the umbrella
shingworks's avatar
Thanks! Glad you liked it :3
dmarling's avatar
Why have I not faved this already? Epic battle to the death with Luca vs. hot Mary-Poppins-esque steampunk babe with umbrella? What's not to love????
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wow this one is pure awesomeness. very good work.
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sk8rgrl991's avatar
I read your comic, plus Memento Mori, and I love them both. ^.^
And this picture is really cool.
Mew16's avatar
your work have wondeful coloring
shingworks's avatar
Thanks very much :)
DrewGreen's avatar
Illustration at its best, the lighting and color choices in this are just impeccable! VERY nice work!
shingworks's avatar
Thank you! Glad you liked it :3
kennedykennedy's avatar
Okay, okay. Everything (lighting, coloring, composition, expressions, etcetera) in this picture is utterly amazing as you should already well know, but I think my favorite thing is the little folds on the fingers of Luca's gloves. <3
shingworks's avatar
Thanks so much ;__; I'm so glad you liked it (and that you actually looked at the details! They were a bitch to do XD)
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