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Foot tutorial


Yes it's true, new monthly tutorials are now available via my Patreon
>>>>> Get new tutorials and other art related flimflammery here <<<<<

Yeah another one ;___; I had this percolating for a while and just got around to doing it all last night, which was a great awful idea. Despite having it basically scripted in my head before I started it still came out somewhat non-sequitor, sorry.

But yeah, same deal as before, feel free to use/ trace any of these drawings as refs or whatever you like! And ask questions if I forgot to put something in there (or if the stuff I asked is too hard, haha)

My other tutorials:
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I guess these are...footnotes.
Sorry, that was a bad pun.
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Thank you for this detailed, fun, and informative guide to how to draw feet. 
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You win this tutorial by dissing Crocs and bringing up Gizmoduck!
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Any chance we'll see a tutorial on the whole leg?
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hi there, can you please message me in private on how to make a long page tutorial ? thanks alot
EdoanMello's avatar
so usefu, thanks!l 
DuskorLunda1's avatar
Am I allowed to post this on social media with credit to you????
Wylfen's avatar
5. This tutorial is completely useless for characters without feet.

Extreme OMG 
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Love all your tutos, thank you!
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You get a fav just for the way you came at presenting this to us
RaxelMaestro's avatar
This will be helpful too.
Poor Gizmo. XD
OmniSubWave's avatar
XD fourth point is da best XD
BeadGCF17's avatar
This helped me draw a top view foot so much!!! Thank you!!
Weiila's avatar
Very helpful, and bonus hilarious commentary :D
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This is a wonderful tut! I laughed my butt off at the crocs! It also helped me a ton!!!! My feet actually look like feet instead of bricks.
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this is a great tutorial! Very helpful. 
Chameleonist's avatar
Ok, this is the bit I have the most trouble with... But thanks to your tutorial, maybe I'll do better now!
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Hahaha! The crocs. Really enjoying your tutorials! :) Gonna print some and stick them in my new sketchbook. Thank you!
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I'm getting better at drawing hands, but my feet still need a lot of work. I also have a feeling I'm going to end up fave-bombing your tutorials, so sorry about that in advance :P
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