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December 1, 2008
If you are having trouble making your men look like men Fellas Tutorial by =alexds1 is just for you.Not only is this tutorial an entertaining and humorous read it is also clearly laid out with easy to follow illustrations that will guide you through many male characteristics that can be overlooked.
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Fellas Tutorial


Yes it's true, new monthly tutorials are now available via my Patreon
>>>>> Get new tutorials and feed an overworked artist here <<<<<

Finally, the male anatomy counterpart to the ladies tutorial from a month or two ago :B

I decided not to address the male genitalia this time around... one reason being cuz I don't think they are drawn as often as the female parts, and secondly because I suck at them XD I won't link directly but if you click here you can find a separate link to another tutorial that I found interesting on a non-DA art site.

Oh yeah, sorry the colors are hellla ugly. I was feeling uninspired.

Thats it I guess... again, feel free to ref, copy or trace any of this, its all free for you to use. Hope someone gets some use out of it :)

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darth-biomech's avatar
It's okay, 99.9% of the time you don't need to draw any kind of genitalia unless you are drawing porn. At which rate one should look for tutorials from different kind of artists anyway... =D
CinnakinCat's avatar
Am I the only one who's brain immediately went to The Greatest Showman the second you mentioned Hugh Jackman?
gouchua's avatar
Wonderful tutorial!
UltraGaylordPuzuzu's avatar
I appreciate the terminology used in this post greatly
"Wings-y region"
HerosLegend's avatar
Thank you for sharing this.
Imdraproc's avatar
The adress of ""  was moderately excellently funny, and the "crazy elephant seal"-part was like the text icing to the pictorial cake. I feel a bit lucky now that much of my early art tended to incorporate quite a lot o fmuscle (drawing orcs and ancient heroes) but the silhouettes, "wings", masculine shagginess, and other things that you presented are jolly useful.
evix77's avatar
Thanks for posting this! I love all of your tutorials, they are super helpful! I really needed help in the "fella" section.... Okay I needed help in everything- feet, hands, ladies, you name it. Thanks again! I ought to get back to sketching.
AaronicWorksInc's avatar
Too bad I can't draw Sweating a little... Waaaah! 
Saphira1334's avatar
Finally something that guides on body hair- people are so damn afraid of it :P
This was super helpful and entertaining! thanks!
GASulliv's avatar
The bit on body hair for guys is like super awesome, i can't find that info anywhere else, bless this.
CorpusClockwork's avatar
HOly hell this is hilarious but fricking brillant xD
Hannahlore's avatar
I just found you and your tutorials and I'm loving it all! This one really made me laugh out loud though. I was the one in figure drawing class whose male models were noticeably...lacking in the...male region. Everyone could always pick out my sketch on the wall because there would just be a white spot in the genital region as if a wild lens flare appeared. XD
Bisexuallyproud's avatar
If I could stop laughing for two minutes then I might get the chance to put these tips into practice. xD 
Loving the tutorials! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
CeridwenMyste's avatar
I am really loving your tutorials..
Super helpful and im feeling inspired to draw lol
rollinbottle's avatar
you are drawing vaginas but not dicks? 2/10 - ign
NlKlTA's avatar
True..I was confused by the fact they drew like two vaginas but not a dick. But oh well. Guess people Arnt comfortable with that maybe idk
A-ppIes's avatar
no it's bc they don't know that much about dicks probs and do not wanna google and find a bunch of dick pics.
Swniver's avatar
What's better than a very good tutorial? An HILARIOUS very very good tutorial. You sir, deserve a ton of cookies. Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie  (Aye, these are cookies, I swear.)
perimorp's avatar
i'm laughing so much at the "they're hot." "sexyfine region" "sexy hip lines" bc... same
great tutorials, btw
NicolaHynes's avatar
Gaston? Is that you????
imaginaryelle's avatar
This is great! Thanks for sharing!
Potat-Stache's avatar
" Before you run off to design your hairless bishi boy wonder-" I laughed hard at that partXDDD
I on the other hand, have a werewolf to redesign, so I appreciate that you didn't just have hairless dudesXDDD
madcom13's avatar
Thats it I guess... again, feel free to ref, copy or trace any of this, its all free for you to use. Hope someone gets some use out of it :) << The most respectable sentence :sad: 
shingworks's avatar
oh, thank you XD
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