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Face Tutorial



Yes it's true, new monthly tutorials are now available via my Patreon
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Oh damn, oh shit

Its tutorial time 8D Cuz I have nothing else on my plate, obviously (I'm lying). Anyways I was feeling like not working on comics so I did this. As always, feel free to trace or whatever you need to do. Sorry if it is less in depth, this is more about the shapes and how to arrange them on the face vs an exhaustive listing of a bunch of details. Hopefully this will give you a place to begin so you can make your own variety, instead of having to rely on others and reffing (if you even need the help).

I'd like to add, this is exactly how I draw faces. If you like that and want to emulate it for some godawful reason, go ahead, I guess (though I strongly advise you to develop your own style). But hopefully the principles are basic enough to be applied to any style you like.

*edit* Oop, almost forgot! my fav nose tutorial, by mimm…

Ok back to work D:

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Your descriptions of the “bits” are so wonderful. They actually help me as much as the drawings themselves. Sure, spheres sinking into your head may sound disturbing, but I will remember it when I’m sketching. Thanks for this wonderful tutorial.