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Expression tutorial

By shingworks

Yes it's true, new monthly tutorials are now available via my Patreon
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Another tutorial, this time on how to do some facial expressions :B

*edit* It's been translated into Russian by a kind volunteer, you can check it out here:…

I'm sort of under duress atm and didn't look it up... so if you have some helpful facial anatomy or other face expression tutorials you think I should link here, comment!

An amazing explanation of how faces and expressions work

Here's one for facial expressions:…

And a chart for helping draw various expressions:…

As usual if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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This was helpful, thank you.

I personally also like to use ears (anthro OCs) and other things to emphasize the emotions ^_^

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oh yess ears are great, i used to do the horrible mistake of drawing ears sideways 24/7 on ALL characters and then i couldnt express negative emotions really well (though a couple of my ocs do have that type of ears, it's not realistic, as most animals have their ears very high up most of the time, only going down when growling or some other negative emotions)

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Don't worry about this doing Slenderman; he has no face.
Purrloinedlove's avatar
"The expression you make after reading Eragon." HA
ShinySherlock's avatar
Thank you for sharing this--very helpful!
i only see aaron burr in thiss tutorial 
UnbridledMuse's avatar
the expression made after reading Eragon. :rofl: "it's funny because it's true." -Sheldon Cooper
Purrloinedlove's avatar
The Eragon thing is so true.
Coolca48's avatar
There's a spider on your back XD Is that meant to make us imagine our characters reacting to having a spider on their back cause I did XD
Anyways, great help! :D
This is extremely helpful, and I burst out laughing after I read the description in regards to Eragon, lol!
KarenSkye's avatar
hi there, can you please message me in private on how to make a long page tutorial ? thanks alot
goosetooth's avatar
The Oh no you Didn't expression looks just like my dog when birds eat his treats XD (this actually happens LOL)
Capsura's avatar
Oh my god that Eragon one is the best
AndanteAntagontist's avatar
"the expression you make after reading Eragon"... so true
arty-izzy's avatar
This really useful. Thanks!
MoxyMonster's avatar
this is look likes a certain class from tf2
Punk-Queen-13's avatar
*gasp* IS IT THE SCOUT?! ,(0o0),
SoleWorker's avatar
emilee1404's avatar
Whoa whoa whoa back up what's wrong with Eragon?
LeyaBlackAlpha's avatar
Agree i have my complains about the movie but the book series is the greatest dragon fantasy series ever. 
YellowLuckyPig's avatar
hmm your information helps make comic book making feel less like pulling teeth thank you. 
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