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Dagre vs Mocheril

By shingworks
:star: :star: Impress your friends and family with your impeccable taste in artwork :star: :star:

Wow, I haven't updated dA since March! Here, have a monster battle.

These guys are from my webcomic, The Meek
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OtherworldyFauna's avatar
The coloring in this is GLORIOUS.

i love the poses, designs and overall style as well.

keep up the excellent work! :)
sowerofash's avatar
Seconded. I was going to use that exact word, capitals and all.
desert-dolphin's avatar
very reminiscent of dali!
dec7m2's avatar
more epic battles!
DragonFlame123's avatar
I love this series!
KlippenKatze's avatar
These two are fantastic! Beautiful color job.

.......but whatever DOES Mocheril do in a fight? Slime you to death?
OSIDUS's avatar
keep working on the comic! it's great! :D
Asrath's avatar
Mocheril reminds me of an Olm Salamander, I don't know if that's a coincidence, but it just popped into my mind.
Awesome painting, love the style!!!
fukami-x-chan's avatar
so sad but so pretty!!!
Felicciana's avatar
Amazing wonderful I love it *o*
superkit's avatar
This is amazing. I've been reading The Meek for ages (since...mid-way through chapter one I think?) but I've never delurked long enough to tell you how awesome it is because shy. Or something. But anyway, I love the way the two characters in this move and the shapes of their bodies work together, and I also love th hard white lighting. Also, Dagre scares the crap out of me, but is comepletely fantastic at the same time. And that is all.
Dream-Piper's avatar
Fore some reason I get the dragon vs tiger feeling from this picture XD
Wondrous picture! That's awesome! Something here remembers me of the epic yin-yang battle between a chinese dragon (the emperor and his mandate of heaven) and the tiger (the imperial general and army), such a beautiful proportion of mythic basement, colour and abstract movement.

I love salamanders and the way you drew gradfather and his brother. Dagre's look remembers me of Wan Shi Tong, in Avatar: the last airbender series, with such a long neck.

Finally, the last thing i can say is, simply, "i love it"
shingworks's avatar
Thanks so much for the kind comment :)
itland-9-13's avatar
And here I just minutes ago figured out that those two were related in one way or another. I was completely positive. And now here is the proof of my conclusion! Now, the next step will be applying to the Scotland Yard or some other fancy organization.

By the way, are the siblings of some kind? Thought I saw something implying that in the first chapter of The Meek. Or have I totally messed up?
shingworks's avatar
Yes, Mocheril refers to Dagre as his brother :)
itland-9-13's avatar
Ah, the pieces are coming together! How exciting =) I will await further updates on the series with great anticipation =D
iducki's avatar
Totes bought the print at CTN

Added it to the shrine.
TastesLikeAnya's avatar
Wow this is beautiful. I love the use of colour as a way to direct the eye to the epicentre of the battle.
Also, goddamn those paws are beautiful.
shingworks's avatar
Thank you ;u; I appreciate that! I only learned recently about using saturation to direct the eye (now all my old stuff looks hideously oversatted to me XD) so I was giving it a test run!
SnowCatManga's avatar
What I really love about this piece is that it seems to be still, but in motion at the same time. If that makes since. As if in one of those action sequences in a movie where it's slowed down to give you a view of the action. What I like is that it's not entirely clear what's going on, leaving it up to your imagination to decide.
guitarfan01's avatar
Gorgeous. I wonder what tactics Mocheril would use? Physically, he would seem to be overmatched.
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