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February 8, 2011
Commission tutorial by `alexds1 The suggester states, "This Commission tutorial is a very useful and informative resource that could help everyone considering offering commissions. It's laid out very well too, in typical dA comment style, and once you have read it from the top all the way down to the bottom, there's a couple of hidden jokes waiting for you as well.:D"
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Commission tutorial


Yes it's true, new monthly tutorials are now available via my Patreon
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Over the past three years I've done loads of successful commissions, and have commissioned others successfully as well. I have never had an issue with my transactions because I did my research before I started, and asked others who were doing commissions themselves how they were managing. However, not everyone has the time to go and note everyone (or, if you're getting noted, you may not have time to answer inquiries constantly)! So for your perusal and reference, here are some helpful tips to help you get started with taking commissions on DA.

This tutorial is more for people who offer commissions, but I have a few words for those who take them as well:

- Do your research. Make sure you're getting art from a reliable artist!
- Art costs money. Don't haggle down, its insulting. Don't forget, you're also getting free advertising when they post it to their gallery (for example, who here doesn't know Audley's Castor ;3 )
- Don't be afraid to pimp the artists who did good work for you! Here is my list!
:iconkkitty23: :iconcbernie: :iconmattahan: :iconquestionstar: :iconthundercake: :iconyamiza: :iconzorgia:

Raraarrar you know the drill, feel free to comment w/ questions if you got em, thanks for reading etc

The pics in the icons are mostly from the LJ random image generator, they're (c) to the internet, I suppose XD Except for Kash, he's (c) Geico.

My other tutorials:
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Coloring Walkthrough
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Damn it took me 12 years to finally find this, this is gonna help a lot.

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hey, can you look at some of my art and tell me how much you think it worth? I want to do commissions, but I'm not to confident in my art. (I actually have zero confidence for anything) It would be awesome if you could. It's alright if not. Please and thank you.
JezabethTheDemon's avatar
I'd like to do commissions but I'm not a fantastic artist and I'm not great at drawing anything other than humans and backgrounds. But I think I'll do them anyway sometime soon. Probably will only ask for points though.
moustapha443's avatar
I think I can learn from this. Even though I like to draw for fun and not for profit.
PinixTheRaoGuard's avatar
Amazing! Thanks for doing this!
Diegoutetsuma's avatar
Bea-K's avatar
Thank you so much for this helpful tutorial!
RandomRubidium's avatar
I would just like to know how you create them (as a post). I'm still trying to work this out
Painted-Panda's avatar
This is going to help so much!
fumstix's avatar
Thanks! I'm going to put this to test once i finish my poster and get some commissions!  
:D (Big Grin) 
Dreamy-Sheepy's avatar
This may be a weird question but would it be too weird to only have one or two commission slots open at once? I get overwhelmed extremely easily and having more than that will likely make it so that I won't finish.
shingworks's avatar
Not at all, I usually only open as many as I know I have time/ energy to do a good job on. If you can't deliver then don't even bother opening them, you'll just give yourself a bad reputation.
Dreamy-Sheepy's avatar
Thank you! This helps clear up some thoughts of mine :)
Chi-erri's avatar
woaaaa!! I need thisss QwQ I m new to Deviantart and this does help me a lottt!!! Thank you <3
Panda930's avatar
"Do you draw furries?!?"

I love it
PaMonk's avatar
Thanks for this great info and many Congrats on the DD.❤
JayNatSketch's avatar
Thank you so much for this, it was really informative! I have a question; based on your experience, when would you say that you felt you were 'ready' as an artist to start offering commissions? I'm always trying to improve my art and so I'm never quite sure if I'm there yet, but I also think that commissions could be an opportunity to help challenge my skills. How would you start?
korrohinaru's avatar
Thank you for posting this tutorial! It's really helpful and helped me to understand more about commissions, since I'm considering opening them.
Thanks this is helpful for just starting out.
theAnimeNut's avatar
Thank you so much! This was infinitely helpful! Nod 
haz1212's avatar
Someone commissioned me and i finished the art but i dont have to points , How can this be ?
Tori040403's avatar
this helped a lot thank you!
Hi, just curious. What if I don't have a PayPal (not allowed to use it) . And I collect points instead. If so, What can I do with the points?
SpicePrincess's avatar
Lots of people do point commissions.
You can buy a subscription to dA/core membership if you earn enough points, buy things in the deviantart store(prints of your favorite art, hoodies, plushies, other merch), and buy commissions from other artists offering art for points. 
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