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Coloring Walkthrough

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Dang so this is the biggest file ever, haha.

This is a quick (?) walkthrough of how I did the colors for the most recent page, using the first panel as an example.

I was going for a more general overview here, more of my thought process than a set of instructions of how to color like I do. Personally I don't think you should color the way I do, I take kind of a long time and anyways, everyone should develop their own style.

If you're one of those people who NEEDS TO KNOW RIGHT NOW what settings and such I use, here is a list for you:
- fill tool
- gradient tool
- default round brush
- default soft brush
- dropper tool

As of March is use Photoshop CS4, and as of last month I use a Wacom Cintiq (before that I was using an Intuos 3)/
I don't use fancy brushes or settings in Photoshop other than messing with opacity and pressure.

And my final color file for this page had these layers:
- Frame + Text
- Lines
- Soli Shading
- Soli Base Color
- Room Details (several layers flattened into one file)
- Room Shadows
- Room
- Base

Google Sketchup, a free and simple 3-D modeling program, is available here.

Hope that satisfies your curiosity :)

The Meek (c) me

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ArtByFabHobbyist General Artist
i always come to see you :) 
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One-eyeHitomiStudent General Artist
Lol googleing everything is pretty much how I found this awesome artist! XD
Thank you for this. X3
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emilee1404Hobbyist General Artist

Clawhauser icon 
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SoleWorkerStudent Digital Artist
I love how you googled "everything"

I do too :D
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TetrodoxinHobbyist Digital Artist
I come back to this tutorial over and over again but only now I realized I hadn't faved this. Oh well, got that fixed. :lol:
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AposteriHobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting use of Trimble SketchUp.
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RhithHobbyist Digital Artist
All your tutorials are wonderful, they're some of the easiest I've found to follow, while going into enough depth that you actually learn!
Sorry for the fave spree <3
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VarflockHobbyist Digital Artist
Another great tutorial. : )

I've got a question about Sketchup. I checked its license for the free version and it says it's only for non-commertial use. It means I can't sell anything created in that program but can something made based on it be sold? I know they have no way to check it.
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Aster1osHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think you could sold something based on it 'cause first, nobody will never knew if it has been created on SketchUp or not ( except you Wink/Razz ) and secondly this is not SkecthUp that you show, it's your drawing =P (Razz) 
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cool process, thanks for sharing
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M-L-PrometheusStudent General Artist
Wonderful. One of the best coloring tutorials I've seen yet.
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P4thogenHobbyist General Artist

Your tutorials have always been my absolute favorite and I know I wouldn't be half the artist I am now without them.
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Sashimi18Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No, even if I had just browsed a few of your excellent tutorials, I did not think that you would forget the chinchilla. I did not. Chinchilla sprite 
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Painted-PandaHobbyist Digital Artist
omgomgomgomg this is beautiful.
Thank you for making this!
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KorwynzeHobbyist Digital Artist
wahaha thats chinchilla XD
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definitelynotangieStudent General Artist
thankyou Love Love (even though this is hella old)
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I know this is old, but this is really nice! Thanks! ^^
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Lizzy-SakuraStudent Digital Artist
Awesome tutorial. 
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Chimera-FoxStudent General Artist
cool and useful stuff you got here. Thanks for sharing!
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But... How can I google things when I'm behind the great firewall?
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GrusartHobbyist General Artist
Ahh, reeeeal sweet! I have the annoying habit of picking "correct" colors for everything. This mostly confuses the eye, seeing there's no pointer towards what's important and not. Thanks for sharing!
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koonitchiHobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for this !!
This will be very useful !!
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 I got it ... chinchila
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