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Age meme

By shingworks
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Oh snap... Obligatory Luca!

Some fast sketches. I added on the last two squares :B

Original meme here: [link]
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17 year old Luca looks like Mr. Tweedy from Chicken Run.
aquamarinetiger98's avatar
He looks really different when he was thirteen :o

but him at 25 made me laugh XD ... and then he gets so grumpy when he's 50 lol
estoy-aqy's avatar
wait so
that bridge scene
he was talking to himself
shingworks's avatar
This is really interesting, I love it!
catse's avatar
Aw snap, teeny Luca is the cutest piece of work ever to be scraped off the Pasori's collective backside.
hinchen's avatar
He is OOOOONE Handsome guy.
shingworks's avatar
I'm inclined to agree!
xSprTWolFx's avatar
wow so cute when a kid, i didnt notice his front teeth are missing.... :O_o:
shingworks's avatar
They're still missing :U If you read through the comic you can see when he's wearing dentures and when he isn't!
xSprTWolFx's avatar
yeah you're right, lol how did he lose em? phe knocked them off when he wasn't behaving or something? :P
shingworks's avatar
His stepdad hit him in the face when he was 6 D: He hasn't had teeth there for a while!
xSprTWolFx's avatar
well THAT wasnt on meekapedia
thx for the info
EggofDoom's avatar
Whyyyyy do you taunt me with handsome men that don't exist. Whyyyy. ;_;

He's so cute as a kid. X3
frizbee2's avatar
he was sOOOO CUTE! i want one!!!
shigure-kisune's avatar
lol I'm totally in love with Luca. XD
shingworks's avatar
Haha, it's natural.
saga111luna's avatar
OMGGG! he was sucha CUTE kid!!
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Nammah's avatar
Oh Luca. You're so cute as a kid, and so sexy grumpy in your fifties <3
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Karasuki's avatar
He seems to suddenly clean up his look between 25 & 35; is that when he became the emperor?
shingworks's avatar
Yes, he was a clerk for a while but started polishing his act in his 30's :)
noodlesqueen's avatar
...he was a cute five-year-old ♥
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