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Alleena - Cross Stitch

My OC Alleena. :love:
The original picture was drawn by the wonderful and talented :icontincek-marincek:. :huggle::heart:
She was kind enough to draw this commission for me, although she was very busy at that time and I want to :bulletred:Thank her:bulletred: for that (again:giggle:).
:heart:U N I V E R S E by tincek-marincek:heart:
This is actually the very first realistic Cross Stitch of a woman, I´ve ever done...better late than never...^^;

Time taken: 3 weeks
Colors: 13 (Anchor)
Size: 20cm x 15cm / 7,9 x 5,9
Stitched on 20 ct. aida with 16350 stitches

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© 2014 - 2022 shingorengeki
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Captor2-Cakes's avatar
your cross stitching is amazing! I cross stitch a hobby but not like this.
I think i'd better just stay with my cakes. lol. Keep with the great work!
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Thank you so much, for the compliment! :huggle::heart:
I'm just always so amazed and impressed with your work ^_^ keep it up you talented genius you.
shingorengeki's avatar
Aww, thank you so much, for your kind words! :blush::heart:
You are very welcome sweetheart ^^ 
shingorengeki's avatar
Thank you very much! :heart::hug:
Zoey04's avatar
Wow gorgeous job!
shingorengeki's avatar
Thank you very much, for the compliment! :thanks::heart:
Zoey04's avatar
Your welcome! 
Oh I forgot to ask, How many hours a day did you work on this? To me it just looks like it would take forever, lol. 
shingorengeki's avatar
I usually work like 5 hours a day on a picture like this (mostly in the evenings).
And on weekends, I actually stitch (if I can) the whole day. :)
Valentina-Remenar's avatar's fiiiiiiinished :squee: It's looks damn amazing :faint: :iconhandspazzplz:
shingorengeki's avatar
Thank you so much, dear! :huggle::heart:
It was a real pleasure stitching her and now, she gets a special place, next to the Gouka Cross Stitch. ;P
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
My pleasure :iconsupertighthugplz: Now I'm gonna prepare a little surprise for you... :evillaugh::giggle:
shingorengeki's avatar
Haha, I just saw your ,,little" suprise. :giggle:
Thank you again, that was a wonderful suprise! :love::heart:
Valentina-Remenar's avatar deserve it :iconawwwplz:
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
So beautiful! :love: I love the detail of her hair, especially those feathers in there :heart:
And, is this really the first woman you've cross stitched? :giggle:
shingorengeki's avatar
Thank you very much, dear! :huggle::heart:

And yes, she is in fact the first woman I ever stitched, at least in my photo-realistic style. :giggle:
I´ve stitched a few, female characters from games before, but from sprites and colorful (like ). 
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
You're welcome! :love: :tighthug:

Oh, those cute sprites :giggle: And that one of Melusine you did is really good too! I love the colors!
shingorengeki's avatar
Thank you! :heart:
Yeah, I actually started stitching these little (easier) sprites, because I suddenly (after like 10 years) got in the mood for stitching again.
I did the melusine one because, it looked more complicated and I liked the motive very much. :D
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
Yup yup! :huggle: :XD:
Have you thought of doing any more sprites since you've started your photo-realistic cross stitches? I'm guessing it would be like drawing realistic and detailed pictures and then doing some chibi ones. :giggle:
shingorengeki's avatar
I´ve actually thought of stitching some Pokemon sprites, as a gift for my mother (since she´s a Pokemon fan). :D
But, I haven´t done it yet and don´t know, if I will. It depends on her and if she wants them or a realistic Cross Stitch.

I´d rather stitch a realistic picture now, since I want details and a proper picture at the end. Stitching sprites became...unsatisfying for me ^^;
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
I can understand that, wanting to do details and make it a 'proper' picture at the end. Every time I try and do a what they call a speed paint, I can never keep it speedy; I always want to do more and put more details to it. :giggle:
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