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A Cold Heart Turned Warm
“I-It’s true though.”
“What would give you the impression that he does?”
You wipe your eyes before looking at Hanji.  “I-I-I kissed Mike.”
Hanji’s eyes widen.  “Y-y-you did what?!”
You look away from Hanji.  “Please don’t make me repeat myself.  I hate that I did it in
the first place.”
“Then why would you?”
“I-it was an accident.”
“I don’t understand.”
You sigh and explain to Hanji what happened.
“I see, but even if you didn’t do it on purpose.  It still happened.”
“I know, and what hurts the most is that I hurt Levi.”
“I’m not sure what to tell you (____).  Maybe you just need to talk with Levi.”
“I don’t know how well that will help.”
“Figure something out or you’ll lose lover boy.”
“I know.”
“Anyways I have some work to deal with.
:iconcierienackerman:CierienAckerman 6 4
A Cold Heart Turned Warm
“Corporal Levi’s right.  We have no time for silly holidays and celebrating them.  Until we slay the last titan, there is no reason for any celebrations of any sorts.  Now quite complaining or I’ll fucking punish all of you.”
“Yes ma’am,” the squad says in unison.
“Good.  Now Corporal, is there anything else you need to say?”
Levi was quiet for a moment before saying.  “I want everyone to make sure that they listen to commands given by either myself or Corporal (____).  Is that understood?”
“Yes sir.”  You hear them all yell.
“Good.  You do that and everyone should come back alive.  Also, once we do come back, I’ll let everyone rest.  You’ll deserve it after a long expedition.”
Everyone seemed to be happy with that response.
You then spoke up.  “If that’s everything Corporal.  Then I’ll let you guys have five
:iconcierienackerman:CierienAckerman 8 15
A Cold Heart Turned Warm
A Love That’s Shared
It’s been a couple days since your birthday.  You were out training the squad for the upcoming expedition.  Levi had told you that the squad was being split in half to cover more ground.  You of course had no problem with this.
At one point, you look towards the squad, and see Sasha walking towards you.  You narrow your eyes some before speaking up.
“What are you doing Braus?  Go back to training.”
“Well…umm…the others and I were wondering since we’ve been training nonstop for the last three hours.  If we could…take a break?”
You thought for a bit and smirk.  “Alright, I’m feeling generous.  You guys can take a break.  There’s something I need to take care of anyways.  But once I get back, you guys will have to go right back to training.”
“Yay!  Thanks Corporal.”  Sasha runs back to tell the others.
You shake yo
:iconcierienackerman:CierienAckerman 6 2
A Cold Heart Turned Warm
Another Special Day
You were currently in Levi’s office cleaning, but Levi wasn’t there due to the fact that Erwin had called him to HQ.  It’s actually only been a few days since Levi’s birthday.  Even with a new year coming, there really isn’t much to celebrate.  Especially with how things currently are.  You sigh as you realize that there is another day coming up, but for you there is no real reason to celebrate.  Sure Levi and you have actually been together for a while, but for you, there is no real reason to tell him.  You knew Levi could tell something was up, but he never had the chance to ask you about it.
As Levi was listen to Erwin about the upcoming expedition, he was also looking over the papers in his hands.  At one point Levi asked.
“And where will Corporal (____) be in all of this?”
Erwin raised a brow at Levi’s remark before clearing his throat.  “She’ll be leading half o
:iconcierienackerman:CierienAckerman 8 4
A Cold Heart Turned Warm
A Special Day
It was a cold December morning and Levi has you in the library cleaning.  Luckily for you it was actually half decently warm in the base on this day, spite it being cold outside.  You are currently concentrating at your task of reorganizing the books.  Hours later, you are still hard at work with this task, when someone enters the room.  You don’t notice who it is until they walk up to you.
You jump at the sudden voice.
When you turn around to see who it was, you see Hanji.  You noticed her looking around like she was looking for someone in particular.
After catching your breath you ask, “What the hell, Hanji?”
She was still looking around and acting weird before she hesitates as she asks.  “Y-y-you haven’t seen the oh so short Corporal, have you?”
You narrow your eyes slightly.  “You do realize that not only we’re both Corporals, but we’re the same height, right
:iconcierienackerman:CierienAckerman 9 62


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