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Unnamed Couple -- I'm BACK

By shinga
Part of a story idea I'm toying with... no names yet... or hell, STORY. Just basic ideas. But ideas.

And yes... I am back. Ish. Scanned and colored this to make sure that using Photoshop was indeed like riding a bicycle... and it's true. I haven't forgotten.

Now to get GOOD at it again.

Didya miss me? ;)
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this is cute creepy and weird at the same time
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Reminds me of Hades and Persephone in the Dark-Hunter series.

They are really cute. <3
it looks like hellboy ans liz kinda! you know, Hellboy...that movie based off of the marvel comics? it's good!(in a funny way) it looks great!
Katzentatzen's avatar
...Dark Horse comics, you mean. Quite a gorgeous picture, Shinga.
Reminds me of Helboy
myth-love's avatar
yeah i agree with . It reminds me of Hellboy...but i love the pic! :+favlove:
Miss-Dutch's avatar
Reminds me of Hellboy
joyfulmusic's avatar
When I saw the thumbnail the first thought that came to mind was "Beauty and the Beast". That's one of my favorite stories and this looks like an oriental version. Regardless of the fact that it's not you did a great job. I'll add it to my favs.
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This reminds me a lot of Stephanie D. Lostimolo's work. And yes, that'd be a compliment :D
*gasp!* welcome back! I'm glad to see that your art didn't suffer! Awesome picture! :)
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Whoo! I just got back from my vacation and I see you name on my watch list! Can I ask for a better gift?
ilikeshinyobjects's avatar
**SHRIEK** OH MY GAAAWD YOU'RE BACK! I MISSED YOU SOOO MUUUUUCH! :glomp: :hug::hug::hug::hug:Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :hug::hug::hug::hug: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: ;__;
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wow this is amazing!
Angsty-Poet's avatar
Great art! i love it and the coloring is really good. I have photoshop just haven't bothered with learning how to use it yet and that is why all of my pictures remain uncolored and unsubmitted to this site >.<
(do you need help with thinking of names or have you got that down? I don't want to be the person giving unwanted advice and such you know?)
Kalathra's avatar
Kinda looks like gargoyles...god i used to love that show, anyways. I can tell it'll be a great story if you keep going with it :) So glad that your back!! :)

you probably have no idea who i am, but i stalk you on here- just because your art is amazing. :) whoot!
Ckazumi's avatar
XD u're begining to sound like me
the difference is that i've had a story and a few chars in mind for... about several years now...
and i came up with... next to nothing XD

glad to hve u back :hug:
jmercedesd's avatar
Yay, you'ree back!

Pretty pretty art. ^.^ *brains eaten by holiday gnomes*
caleigh's avatar
Oh GOSH i missed you! <3 and this does remind me so much of Gargoyles... which I love so much. *huggles to death* If your writing a story and such, I'd love to help with you anyway I can. *wink* Glad your back!
SRSobotka's avatar
Wonderful work, Shing-shing! Is this inspired as part of Gargoyles or such?

It's great to see you posting new artwork!

Maintain and Check Six!
Terra-fen's avatar
Welcome back! :D
purplegoldfish's avatar
Aww, reminds me of Gargoyles. I like :D! Yeah I have trouble just figuring out how to use my Photoshop Elements..sigh
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