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Sun and Moon, Fire and Water

I drew this ages ago and just now colored it

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Lina vs Rylai o_o?!
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I like how you used the astrological symbols for the sun and the moon :P
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i love this! i really like how their hair becomes the element >.<

im on the moon and water side :P

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I love how Sun looks angry, passionate, and Moon seems very calm and in control. There's a sense of strength in both of them, just channeled differently.

In the end, there's so much I love about this that it's hard to sum up briefly. The longer I look at it, the more little details I find that I like.

Also, I <3 Head Trip, which is why I started digging around in your DA. *cough* But this piece really stands out. Thank you for sharing it with us!
It all flows together so nicely. great work!
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This is amazing i love how the hair flows into the fire and water
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why cant we all just be friends
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a very beautiful piece! :thumbsup:
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I really like their poses, they work well for the epic battle!
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YAY!!! This looks really good, and I'm glad to find that you've been posting again. I myself haven't been on for various reasons, so it's nice to come back and see someone I look up to cartoonist-wise posting again!!!
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Awesome. ^-^ I love the color scheme and the astrological symbols. Very nicely done!
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Awesome, I love how its very comic-like and yet still so deep. And an original take at the concept as well :)
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That's very cool!
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Definite yay. :+fav:
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Elemental combat. The contrasting sweep of color and the sense of movement in the battle just make this... win. It makes me think of two warring Planeswalkers, one Red and the other Blue.
Amazing picture.

I <3 how you make them look like they absolutley HATE each other, but it also seems like they have a past i would love to know about
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Since your comic has no comment section, I say here: Its great to have it back, with high quality artwork. Glee!
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Lovely. But why so oversexualized?
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It isn't oversexualized. The human body = / = sexual.
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I'm really loving how the fire and water is coming out of their hair.

They way everything just blends together is just amazing -w-
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