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She dresses herself in rags
Because the spiders whispered, and told her she deserved nothing
She binds herself in chains
Because the spiders whispered, and told her she had nowhere to go
She sews her lips together
Because the spiders whispered, and told her that her words were useless
She cries because she hears them
She cries because she sees them
She cries because the spiders whisper, and tell her they will bite her
The spiders can bite, the spiders can kill
But no one else can see them
Her loved ones offer smiles and words
"There's nothing there," they say "no spiders on your head, you are all that holds you back"
"Why are you in rags?" they ask, and tell her to dress in jewels
"Why are you in chains?" they ask, and tell her to run free
"Why are your lips sewn?" they ask, and tell her to sing
But the spiders whisper and never cease and soon she cannot hear anything else
She tells herself her loved ones are right, that there are no spiders
But she feels the bites and hears their voices
They have whispered for so long
She doesn't know if the voices are theirs
Or if they are hers


Poetry or whatever that was? Not my strong suit. But this was meant to be about depression/anxiety/etc... something I've struggled with to a degree but I see friends going through much worse and yeah... the spiders are real, even if others can't see them. They are there.
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That is disturbing! Well done!

Best wishes and hugs,