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Somewhere in Heaven...

Somewhere in heaven, a very groggy, very confused angel has just woken up and is trying to figure out why a boisterous Australian man is poking it with a stick.

-- zihuatanejo, Found here.

When I read that, I went "*GIGGLE*" then "Awww"... best thing ever.

So I had to draw it.

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cue god telling Steve to stop
Hey, Shinga, so, not sure if you're still around or anything, but this is one half of Zihuatanejo (the half that made that post 11 years ago).

Today, a friend on fb shared your drawing, with no clue about its origin.

Thank you so much for illustrating my pre-coffee maudlin thought all those years ago! It was touching then, and congratulations: Your art from a decade ago continues in immortality (I'm told your art in general is well known - I'm an internet hermit these days)
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It was so sad to lose him, but in a way he was one of the greatest teachers we'll ever know.  He taught us to do what we love with the ones we love.  Thank you for that lesson, Steve.  Even after all these years, we still miss you.
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Awwww this is cute ^^
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Aw I'm a big fan of Steve irwin myself it helps that I'm from Australia too
may he rest in peace😢
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Same >~< loved watching his show on animal planet when I was little...can't believe he's gone
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This is the perfect memorial of Steve Irwin. 
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haha made me laugh xD
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Even to this day, this picture helps ease the pain of Steve Irwin's untimely passing, somewhat, largely because if there is an afterlife, this is EXACTLY how Irwin would behave in it.
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STEVE!!!!!! T_____________________________________________________T
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Too soon?

Just so you know, has put up this picture without giving credit to you. I reblogged it with a link to this page. It has less than 100 notes right now, but I just wanted to make sure you knew it was happening!
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RIP Crocodile Hunter! :)
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:giggle: Aww Steve, he'll never change. XD Very fun piece ♡
Adorable picture. I love to think that no matter where he was, he had that grin of childish curiosity always on his face.
This was on Imgur.
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"Over there is a celestial being beyond human understanding....Crikieeee I'm a poke it with a stick"
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