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Narnia - Lucy and Tumnus

By shinga
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*FLAILS* I can't be the only one who thought this! >_> Even when I read the books as a kid I suspected something there! I mean, COME ON. It's practically CANON.


*is so going to a special hell for this* O.o

... Though, Tumnus is actually really fun to draw :D
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(message for everyone) i've created a fandom server for this couple join up!
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YES!! I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SHIPS THIS!!!:iconishipitplz:
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Oh you are not the only one. :) They are my fave Narnia "pairing" too.
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when i read the books i didn't feel connection between but in the movie ...MAN
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yes! I'm not alone! ;) haha! I thought this too!
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yeah. That is exactly how I see it. After all when they grow up... there are no other humans yet. :DDDDD
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*faints in awe and wonder* YES!!! I am so happy now I could fly, lol. Seriously. It is epic and I have been looking for this pairing all over this website. There needs to be more, MORE of Lucy/Tumnus like never before. And your older version of Lucy is smoking hot and oh so yummy! Okay, I'm gonna shut up about my creepy stalker rant but I really, really like this picture and will definitely fave. It is beyond my wildest dreams to find a measure of this beauty on this website since I thought they'd take it down, lol. It's might be a tad bit unusual pairing-wise, but I still love this pairing with all my heart and the picture is absolutely gorgeous and just screams the love these two fantastic characters have for each other even if they didn't know it in the books. Truly magnificent and a definite fave!

*bows and chants* Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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Alright people, enough of the negative comments, it's a lovley piece of work, and FANART, there's ton of art on stuff that would be considered weird, and strange, and you probably wouldn't think about, and probably even sicker than this

it's rule 34, if you can think it, it probably exists on the internet somewhere, this is FANART, the imagination of the artist, and if they like it, they can draw it,

I mean, there are probably even stranger and more wrong pairings than this, like TumnusxPeter, or Peterxany of his siblings, or even AslanxJadis, but somewhere there's going to be some sort of pairing of literaly ANYBODY, WITH ANBODY, on EVERYTHING!

So, don't let the public opinions get you don't, it's YOUR opinions that matter, ok once in a while public opinions matter, but in my opinion, this is a great piece of work, :)
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That would never happen. Lucy and Tumnus are just friends
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Well...I guess as long as she's legal. Damn, they would be cute...
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I thought so to when I watched the movie and they look so happy together
Are you sick or something?? Is sad see how some minds are dirty with pure things. Lewis builded the friendship among a child and Tumnus with a sweet and pure way. If your eyes see it in the other side... you got problems.
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I agree with you on this one, they are 100% friends in the book,T.V,,Cartoon & Movie.

As for you mistymurata....your comments is Shitty sarcastic...grow up.
Wow way to go buddy. Its called Art. Creativity. Personal unique expression. Its supposed to push the envelope! If you cant respect someones personal take on something than you got the issues. There is nothing obscene about this. Its a kiss! Get a grip. When you start censoring art you destroy progress. Its people like you that is what is wrong with the world. Grow up
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AHHH MY CHILDHOOD. Nice picture but I can't really see that :/
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The picture itself is good but Tumnus and Lucy?
Is kissing?
That's a bit sick
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um WHAT?! I do not support this. he's like over 100.
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*is ashamed* ....I thought of this too. I thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Lucy and Tumnus were best friends all through her growing up in Narnia, and maybe develop romantic feelings for one-another...?" Then I imagined a kiss between grown-up Lucy and adorable Mr. Tumnus and just about squeed myself to death....
So no, you are not the only one who had thoughts of this.
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Oh yes! I thought this too. :D
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I mean really!! How could they NOT be... you know..
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