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Head Trip- Under The Influence

By shinga
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I swear it hadn't even been 24 hours after the VT shooting before Jack Thompson was running his mouth about video game violence. The man needs an X-box controller shoved down his throat, s'all I'm sayin'. Cause seriously, the shooter? Mentally unstable. And unstable is unstable regardless of social influences.

So says me and my soapbox, so nyeh.

Oh and... there's a tiny little cameo from another webcomic in here. It's a black-and-white comic so the colors might be wrong (I just guessed) ... SPOT IT. :)

EDITED TO NOTE: No, the cameo is not from Penny Arcade or Megatokyo.

Also, I'm aware of the typo in the first panel, I'll fix it when I have time. :)

EDIT 2: The cameo has been guessed! The waitress in the third panel is Heather from Punch an' Pie :)
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Mikey stopped crying about fifteen minutes ago... :rofl
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... Maybe games are damaging to me... I keep trying to find the Ctrl, Shift and C buttons in r/l so I can type in the motherlode cheat and never have to work so I can spend all day playing computer games...
Man, I'm cracked...
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Yeah... Final fight made great damage...
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If video games really effected us like that, then I would be walking around in little shorts trying to catch animals in red and white balls; I would also be shoving little red berries down the throats of dogs to cure paralysis and glaring at rabbits, yelling "Goddammit, evolve! I want an Umbreon already!"
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Omg... This is just so fantastic XD
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Look up Leetstreet boys= rockstar games. I think you'll like it
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'Ithink he stopped crying about 15 minutes ago!' Amazing!!!!
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We're studying this in Psych class right now and while I agree that the idea that video games making people turn into crazy gunmen is ludicrous there is some evidence that very violent televison/video games are correlated to aggressiveness in children. However, correlation is not causation and children that are already naturally more aggressive may just be more likely to watch/play more violent games.
And no matter what the studies show blaming video games is never an excuse; they did not MAKE you kill/hurt anyone and YOU are responsible for your actions.
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I second your motion! Video games are not the cause! The guy who is complaining about video games being the source of all evil doesn't seem to know (or care) about obesity or the possible fact that it's the parents just abusing their power over those kids. been there, seen the crap, and I'm just glad I didn't start a shooting in middle school.

Since DDR came along, the rate of obese children dropped. (I can't remember the percentage though.) People get to take out their anger on computer generated characters so they wouldn't need to take it out on other people. (Unless there is still some anger left, for example, The Columbine shooting. The guys who started it were better than the policemen simply because of accuracy. (Well, they HAD to destroy the zombies!!!)
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So says you and your soapbox.

So say we all.
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Yes, these types of people are just awful. Jack Thompson, Thomas Atkinson, a lot of Californians now...
When will they learn? Or get murdered? Not that murder would help. It would likely just prove them right, in their minds...
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My mistake, it's Michael Atkinson. Don't know where I got Thomas from...
Ah well. That's what you get for expecting an ignorant yankee twat to know about Australian politics.
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That man will really be murdered someday.

In a VIDEO GAME! :evillaugh:

Oh man if that wouldn't be the ultimate irony. B-)
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Roll over him with a giant ball... xD Oh, god help me, that is too funny. I wonder what the excuse used to be. "The cave paintings made me do it! They are just so violent, what with the slaughtering of innocent animals and all!"
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Don't you mean people 'covered' in bedsheets?
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People always say that video games are bad for you but my friend learned how to read because of POKeMON.
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Take it from Dr.Membrane...
" Video games develope hand-eye-coordination, and make kids into better human beings."
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About video-games and their influences...

When a CS-obsessed guy shoots 14 people... Sure that was just him being mentally unstable.

Have any of you heard of the Harris-levels?
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You laugh, but i've had nightmares of men in yellow hazmat suits chasing me through the submarine, waving their arms like alligator jaws and making the 'waka-waka-waka' noise.

Pac mania...i believe it comes from teh same linguistic origin as 'fucked up for life.'
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"Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music."
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haha this is so true.

I played waaaaay to much Mirror's Edge, and now I have a fondness for red things. XD
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You should've sent this to Thompson the day he got dis-barred, kinda nice "going away present"
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