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Head Trip - Spoiled Rotten

By shinga
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I actually drew this BEFORE the book came out, but wanted to wait until AFTER it came out to put it up.


Because I'm an ass.

(And yes, I was spoiled for the book... all the deaths, and the ending. It sucked, but I got over it and enjoyed the book anyhow)

(Oh and check out the AWESOMENESS of the INVISIBLE KEYBOARD. Yeah I was lazy as hell for this comic, why do you ask?)
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HAHAHA!! omg nice...thats awesome. and heck invisible keyboards are the future.. less of a mess on the desk :D
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I really love this one right now. It is awesome. EPIC.

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Oh my god....this is great!!!!!
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Somone once asked me if there were spoilers before the movie came out.
I told them about the existence of books.
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then, I would have been 'crazy fan', but now, I find this very funny X3
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Awesome comic!
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Well he WAS hit by Lord Waldemar's death ray, wasn't he?
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Lol. My friend made this joke. We were at dinner and her brother said "Does Harry Potter die?" and she was like "Yes." We looked at eachother and both said "Of Aids." He still believes us XD
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You are a cute ass!
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Yeah, I spoiled myself a bit, too. ^^;
Haven't read it yet either. D:
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You are not the only one who did that. And i still love it!
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I wish he had. D:
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Of AIDs or in general?
Honigdieb's avatar
In general would have been enough.
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Well, I think if he died of AIDs, I would have been more satisfied...

Honigdieb's avatar
Well at least we follow the same train of thought. :]
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BUT WAIT! What if I AM you?!?!

Honigdieb's avatar
That would explain much, you know? o_o
Zbook123's avatar
So you're saying that you are just re-messaging yourself over and over again?

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heh heh heh...this is so awesome!
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That's why you read the book on the day that it comes out and don't go on the internet or talk to people until you're done! Of course, I hear that this is hard for people who have a life...
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I hate spoilers that must have sucked. I shut myself away and didn't go online for ages ahead of time and then read it really fast so I wouldnt get spoiled. However, if anyone had told me he died of AIDS I'd have laughed. Funny as usual.
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