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Head Trip- Not An Addict

By shinga
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Full title: "Head Trip - Not An Addict, Just An Idiot"

This actually happened.

No, seriously.

I had to edit the exact chain of events and some of the other people invovled so it made more sense comic-wise, but in essense this happened.

I love my sister. Her blonde moments crack me the hell up.
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Kitty says: put me in the bong, dude.
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This happens with me and my sister a lot...XD
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I must shamefully admit that it took me half a minute to understood the unintended play on words.
Just for the record, that means it was the figurative manner I understood first. ;)
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I have totally done this sort of thing before. Especially in high school when I was so naive. *facepalms* I don't even want to think about some of the things I said without realizing the connotations.
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Yeah, i'm like the queen of staaying stupid naive things
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My sister once licked up some lemonade she spilled on her arm and said, "Hmm, I taste good." She had KNOW clue why I burst into laughter.
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Hahaaha sounds like something i'd do hahaha
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Wait- she's in Memphis? Maybe she's blind... My 8 year old brother knows what Shrooms are xD
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OMG.....I could totally see myself doing something stupid like that. In fact, I've done stupid stuff like that, just not EXACTLY like that.
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Everyone hates a literalist. I think they're hilarious. XD
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:rofl: Oh sweet lordy lord
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xD that sounds like something i would do.
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lol I love people who have moments like this...I've got plenty of friends like this (I'll have a blonde moment or two myself, admittedly -_-)
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...I don't get it. Whats' a Shroom?
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:lol: Drugs. Hallucinogenic, if I remember all that crap from summer psych correctly. :D
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...*love for Mal's expression when she sees the thing...*

It's so... No. Just, can't be... No.

*every time I read Head Trip and they call her Mal I start thinking Firefly. Ugh.*
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Brings new meaning to "Head Trip", don't it?
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...I've actually considered going out and tripping over a mushroom just so I could say yes to that question. Because I have a weird sense of humor. =P
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