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Head Trip - For The Critics

Boring comic.

But FRIDAY. Friday's shall be better. BWAHAHAHA.

And I haven't seen Clerks 2.


Or Clerks 1.
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Your drawings and comics are totally awesome! What programs do you use?
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But the Clerks movies are awesome. :XD: So funny.
DragonsLover1's avatar
Old women sure do hate the world today. :noes:
omg amazing movies so funny
miacis3101's avatar
Clerks 2 ROCKED!!! Kevin Smith ROCKS!!! God help that boy if I ever decide to go gay!!!
x--livvi07--x's avatar
Wow! Her face in panel 3 :3
EnigmaOfTheRoses's avatar
That old lady looks like my french teacher... Acts like her too... Except my french teacher is, like 30 years younger than that old lady. But they still look the same.

wildrook's avatar
Actually, the donkey scene would make you, in the words of Rosario Dawson, "disgusted and repulsed, and you can't look away."
cantthinkofaname8888's avatar
Lol, "Important crap".
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New fan, just started going through your works and I know this is...half a year old? But I wanted to mention how this can show up in alot of things, like lately 'The Golden Compass'...I've been motivated to watch the movie (and read the books) just because of the Christian hype against it. Ok back to my quiet corner before I get shot.
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HAHA. Kevin Smith makes the best dirty, and potty-mouthed films the Catholic Church allows. ^_^ (yes, KS is a Catholic)
ChaynLynx's avatar
Oddly enough, I had virtually the same experience about 'Dogma'. Had no interest in seeing it, just didn't flip my noodle...then an ultra-Catholic coworker forwarded email to everyone from her priest denouncing the film as malicious, evil and anti-Catholic and that everyone should boycot the theaters showing it for those reasons.

I had tickets for myself and 4 friends in my hands inside of 4 hours. Great film.
MaoMalani's avatar
Haven't seen the first one, but the second one was great.
ChrisTheBlue's avatar
I hated Clerks II with a vengeance, and I did watch the first one.
Makes you think about watching a movie with pre-expectations.
Ra-Se-Phan's avatar
That old lady looks like the Grammar Nazi from Queen of Wands... I don't know why too...
vivavolta's avatar
dude you should totally see clerks2 its way funny.
Godaiger's avatar
It was a good movie but the first Clerks movie is still the best one, nice drawing by the way.
TsuyuTheDeviant's avatar
Watch Clerks. Throw Clerks II in nearby dumpster, it is a insult to the great work that is Clerks. =)
sididis's avatar
I preferred Clerks 1 and shame on you for not having seen it, it is teh cult classic.

Clerks 2: basically Kevin Smith needs some new material, geez give Jay and Silent Bob a rest already!!!
ZhaneAugustine's avatar
Clerks both 1 and 2 are boring if you ask me.
wavewatcher's avatar
Kevin Smith always said that Siegel walking out off the movie was excellent Publicity for the movie,
sonofthereaper's avatar
both are kickass movies and the second had my bleading from my sides on the floor untill i was nothing more than a lifeless lump on the carpet......*sigh* good times
DaimyoShi's avatar
H.G. Well's says it best in Mel Brook's "History of the World Part I. "And art was born, and with the birth of art, came the Enviable after birth of the Critic."
Saisakumi's avatar
my favorite part is the news paper! "important crap" and "reality shows..who cares?" funny funny!
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