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Head Trip - Breaking Dawn...

(full title "Head Trip - Breaking Dawn, Breaking Brains")

As per usual, I do not normally upload Head Trip to DA, but... hell, since it's another Twilight joke and I tend towards being an antagonistic bitch at times, I'm uploading it to DA.

Because the world needs to know just exactly how this "epic romance" ends.

And this is it. Right here.

Originally I was going to have dialogue in the last couple of panels but then I realized it really didn't need it.
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I was watching the movie with my mom and aunt. The scene came up where Bella was whining about how she and Edward haven't had sex yet even though it was established that they cant. I bashed Bella for being stupid, my mom and aunt said that she was just hormonal. I've never been in a relationship so what do I know?
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I am glad I found this....
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This is awesome! :D
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Never read the Twilight series but your take on the whole vampire-love fantasy is hilarious. And it offers an enlightened observation on less fantastical relationships with equally damaging results. Thanx!
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It was never established that having sex with a vampire would kill Bella. Edward just didn't want to risk having sex with her before because he didn't think he could control his strength enough not to hurt her.

They didn't think it was possible for Bella to get pregnant, seeming as Edward is a vampire.

Bella did NOT pass out during sex, and none of her bones were broken during sex either. She remembered all of it.

Jacob was not her ex-boyfriend. He did not fall in love with Renesmee, he imprinted on her. There is actually a difference.

I know this is an extremely old picture, but I found it and really wanted to comment on it, I'm sorry if I come off as rude, but yeah... aha.
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Yeah, I've never understood the appeal of the Twilight series either.  Good to know I'm not alone!
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i would say please someone explain that shit, but then i realised the shit was already explain. just one comment: bella's IQ isn't exist, it's the only logic reason 
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I feel sorry for you?
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That you had to read twilight!
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Who would say that
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Stephenie Meyer is one messed up bitch.
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i feel with you 
I second last comment
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If I could fav this twice I would
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What she said....
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That's how I feel towards the whole series.
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This was my reaction to Breaking Dawn, too.
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And this is why no female can ever like vampires again. Damn you Myer...
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There's a easy way to restore their faith in vampires.  Just Pop in Hellsing Ultimate
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No no no, not "relate" as in "identify with"; "relate" as in "associate with". Many a female vampire-lover has been mistaken for one of these bastards...
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