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Head Trip - Awkward Years pt 1

By shinga
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I decided that doing all the character pages consecutively was boring the crap out of me so now they'll be showing up randomly and Head Trip will resume as normal in the meantime.

Oh and I'm trying my hand out at putting more backgrounds in. :P
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And the dents just don't come out of locker doors, do they?
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Now, Lillian, you should know better.

You're supposed to kick them in the groin. That way nothing immediately obvious gets broken and - with a little luck - you can remove his stupidity from the gene pool.
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kinda wish that would happen to me XP
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Is life on American highschools really like that? Like it is always shown in movies and series?
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:shrug: I guess it depends where you go to school. My high school was an art school and we had no "popular" kids or sports. There was no pressure to be anything over than a good student and a decent artist.
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An art school. If words would taste that one might be delicious. :hungry:
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It tastes like Artemesia, critiques, Balanchine, chocolate pokey, Bach, and stress. Dig in.
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Ah... Bach. :nod:

This is delusioning. :-/
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I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean when you say "This is delusioning. :-/" Could you please explain?
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At first it sounded like a sanctuary of contemplation and inner peace where students are dandering in awe. :-/
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Well, we did at first, but that school was extremely demanding and while many of us were glad to be free of the typical challeneges of American high school, it came at a price. For some, the time there was well-spent, for others, they hated every second of it and left as soon as possible. :shrug:
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Noooope. Popular guys always go for the gorgeous, bitchy popular girls, and everyone else is a loser.
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If shape alone makes them happy...
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Hate to break it to ya, but either you'll be popular or a loser for 4 years.
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So it IS like it is in the movies...?

How horrifying. oO
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I love how in the first panel, some other poor girl is being told the exact same thing junior bozo told Lillian.
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Lilian is so frigging awesome.
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This is what every girl feels like when guys take up too much of our personal space and they hit on us as if we're just gonna fall on our knees begging for guys like him to date us or simply they're doing it for the fame or stuff. I'm just so lucky we don't have people like these in school. Life is a pain when you have 'those' around. I'm glad you see through the eyes of every girl in the world who feels this way.
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Sadly I've had that talk with my dad my freshman year... lol
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Oh, he shoulda seen that coming...what a jerk!
Funny comic btw!!!
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I wish I had the guts to do something like that.
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