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Head Trip - All Greek To Me

You know that show "Greek" on ABC Family? That's what this is about. Because I'm hardly a prude when it comes to what kids watch, that's up to the parents and all, but SERIOUSLY? Putting THAT on ABC FAMILY? Come on! Put it on Fox so it can be canceled within two weeks! It looks like crap anyway!
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I can't believe what has happened to ABC Family now these days. Except for 25 Days Of Christmas and 13 Nights Of Halloween, the occasional family film and their brief run of Superbook, it's now a teen channel rather than a family channel, although it's still fine. But when I was younger (around three months old, to be precise), it was a much better channel known as Fox Family, having shows everyone of any age could enjoy: Oh No! Mr. Bill Presents, Bobby's World, Eek! The Cat, Great Pretenders, I Can't Believe You Said That!, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Magic Adventures of Mumfie, and a whole bunch of other great shows. That was what ABC Family meant to me back then. I do agree with you that this teen show nonsense has to stop. Bring back the cartoons, or at least re-run the holiday specials of old Fox Family shows!
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You Nailed it! You are so on the right path!
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I'm confused. Are the 3 girls (the sisters) Mallory, Kat, and Kara, or Mallory, Kat, and Lillian? If it's the first, who is Lillian? If it's the second, who is Kara?
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The sisters are Mal, Kat and Lillian. Kara is Mal's roommate.
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Ok! Thanks for clearing that up.

This comic is awesome, btw. Mal reminds me of myself in a lot of ways XD Except the stuff she does I only dream about doing. Is there like a donation page for your work? Like, anything I could contribute to because Head Trip is awesome?
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I have a paypal = shingadinga (at) gmail (dot) com
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"greek"? seriously??? what a great opinion they have about our country. I really feel ashamed now.. :\
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It's not about Greece, it's about frat houses/sororities, I believe.
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maybe.... but still what does the "greek" have to do with it??
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It's the names of the frats and sororities... Zeta Alpha etc... no idea the actual names but it's all greek letters, and therefore "greek". :)
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Lol, I have a story about a girl named Kara, and her boyfriend is named Trip. Deja vu, cause her sister is insane about killing.
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A show that is called "Greek" and shows all this?

No wonder Everybody believes we're nothing but worthless bums.
I say we line them up, pluck their eyes out, followed by a slow dig to their hearts and then let the die out of blood loss, one at a time.
The best thing I can think of my vacation.
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No, don't kill ABC Family. They are the one who brught us The Middelman-wait-a-second, they are also the ones who shut down The Middelman...

On second thought, do go ahead and kill them.

Make sure they suffer.
A lot.
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Can I kill them with you? *brings out a bazooka given to me from Harley Quinn* Black market product, but now may I go with you?
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Like Rebeelde Way in argentina!
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Here is a picture I made that mentions two of that channel's shows:


And the Do Something ads had the BALLS to use the P.L.L. to sponsor them! What? And that fact was the other reason I made that picture.
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count me in on whatever killing spree you have in mind, count me the hell in, like right now
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I'll join you too. These people need a good whack upside the head.
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Reality TV is the bane of human society. There are some that have a good cause, but they are few and far between. The rest are garbage.
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Reality shows makes me want to find those people that really do exist in real life rather than our imaginations...

I can relate... Feeling-wise. XD
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