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Head Trip - All For Boys

By shinga
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Update is a little late this week, because real life (.. andBattlestarGalacticaSHUTUP) got in the way a bit. But here it is, better late than never.

Before anyone asks, this didn't actually happen... to me. I read some one's Livejournal post where they witnessed a woman actually said this to her daughter. And it annoyed me greatly. Because... DUDE. What the HELL.
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I started reading books at age seven (I finished a Nancy Drew six-set in that week), and I taught myself after watching my mom read aloud to us. WTF? I can't stop grinning at how stupid this sounds! Before I finished middle school I had finished LotR and the Hobbit, Silmarillion, and Unfinished Tales! Never had a problem with books and boys before (most boys I know had never read the Hunger Games until a month ago...). Whatever. It's still hilarious.
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Who would say this to their daughter?

Unless Mommy was a cheerleader that thought looks and boys were more important than having a brain

And for the record, I landed my husband by reading big books. Most of the guys I know thinks that's hot  (Hubby actually doesn't read much...)
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I met the first guy I ever had a real crush on because he was reading Lord of the RIngs at age 12 and, at age 10, I started reading over his shoulder and thought it was fascinating.

Of course, he later turned into an abusive jackhole, but most guys I hang out with think my books are hot.
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Smack in the face. Amen, sister.
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Seriously a Matilda moment.
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a little part of me died after reading that a mother actually said this X(
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*looks at all her door stopper books* Well, that explains everything!:ohnoes:

Heh, just kidding. I'm glad my mother isn't like this. She was an even bigger bookworm than me, when my age, and has always encouraged me to read.

It's too bad there are people like this woman out there, not teaching their children anything useful. I'm not a parent, but I don't need to be to know this is wrong.
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What the Heck! What kind of mom tells their kids that?
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... What DUMB BITCH tells their baby girl this?!

Wow. I CAN NOT wait for that girl to be President and just fuck her mom over by saying she read huge-ass books to be their XD
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Sometimes I refuse to believe that people can be so dumb. Then I remember the Darwin Awards and I believe it.
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best opportunity to come out of the closet indeed
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Fucking society, man. FUCKING. SOCIETY.
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.... cant believe a mom would actually say that to her daughter.....
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Exactly. What the HELL?

I wanna beat that woman to death with my collection of hardback 600+ page books.

*holds up Lord Of The Rings*

Anyone want to join me?
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-holds up the complete works of Poe-  I'm in. Let's do this!
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Mwa ha ha! -hefts up HP seven-
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*picks up thesaurus of ever single smart woman in human history*
Let's get this ho.
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Yes, Yes I would *Picks up my medium bookcase with +200 books* . If we show this comic in court, no educated jury would ever convict us.
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*offers several encyclopedias (Yeah that's right I read them like books [I are lame])* Remember to wrap them in plastic, we just want to hurt the mother not the lovely literature ^^
SpindleWinter's avatar
It's okay... I read school and university textbooks like actual books. :D

Speaking of which, they weigh a TONNE- and we could read her extracts describing the development of feminism as we beat some sense in to her.
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I would also like to join! The freakishly large stacks of books in my room need to be put to even more good use than me just reading them!
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Yay! Can't wait!
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Excellent, sign here- the torches and pitchforks are at the door.
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I WILL! *holds up copy of Crime and Punishment*
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