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Lame title FTW/L?

This is me with one of my best friends, because I luff her and wanted to draw her and make her smile :D

I hope it works ^_^

In case there's any confusion, Ahlam's the one with the short black hair and I'm... the other one ;P
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Reminds me of my sister and I - she has shorter dark hair and I have long-ish brown hair.
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Looks good. ^^
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beautiful!! it reminds me of snow white and rose red...
I love it!

Your friend or the one with the black hair sort of reminds me of Cameron Diaz. :D
story's avatar
Reminds me of me and my best friend. :) Great expressions!
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Oh my god that is beautiful....

may I please use the way they are standing together? Nothing else. ^_^;;....
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You're very talented.
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i like the faces ^^ good job!
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AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW ^^^^^^^^ sho purty :)
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Beautiful picture! Very well done. ^_^ And btw, love the Evanescence font too. xD
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LOL, great "We rule!" pic. :D
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Is your hair stuck in your shirt?... or something? Awesome pic though! =D
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That's really nice! :aww:
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Awesome!! I love your style! :+favlove:
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I have a shirt just like the one you put on your friend. I love that stile. Going in my favs now.
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Dude. I LOVE IT. You rock so much, I love you bunches. You made me look good! *lol*

And yes people, those are our clothes. *Lol*
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i love this one a lot too! :)
its really cute
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I like your dress better, but her hairstyle is cuter.
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Your friend is soo cool! She looks like Snow White!!! =D
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