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Awaken, Warrior, and Rise

an image that's been in my head for weeks. finally drew it today.
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This is just so beautiful. Not sure if this was what you were intending, but this picture feeds into my immense love of the concept of reincarnation. It speaks to me.
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Very strong, emotional piece, and it's realization is magnificent.
This deserves a DD.
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This is the most emotionally complex piece I've seen on DevARt in a long time. Well done.
Wish this was a print!
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This is amazing :)
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Really cool drawing/painting!
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Reminds me of my sketch of me crouched down and thorns are wrapped around my body where my scoliosis tends to ache when my spine if out.
Nayhed's avatar
This is a really cool picture. Like a story telling itsself :)
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This picture reminds me of this song :)


"Rise up and show the world your battle is won! Rise up and show the world the old you is gone!"
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This almost had me in tears. Beautiful, strong work.
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this is quite shiny.
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That´s a great one, Amanda! :-)

All the best and hugs,

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Absolutely gorgeous :heart:
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i'll just leave these here, and you can do what you want with them: *hug*, <3
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wow this is amazing i felt it as soon as i saw it and had to see the larger version. things should be suck in your head more often if they come out like this very well done very moving. looks as if its coming alive, and the title is perfect.
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I love it! It is inspirational!
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A tribute to the tenacity of the human soul.
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My Gods, this is beautiful! Fly free

Saiyajin-Neko's avatar
Sometimes you draw the most incredible pictures, ones that hit me so powerfully. This one just so happens to be one of those pictures...I can see myself so clearly in the image. My disability, my desire to be set free, to become something more, to KNOW I'm more and not able to express it. You amaze me Shinga. ;_;
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The cane is what really gets me. The desire to have a healthy, uninjured body that will not betray you is a strong one. More so when you can't walk like most people.

Very inspiring. This is worth far more than a thousand words. Well done.
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It looks amazing!!
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