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Pokemon Essentials BW2 Mod - Available now!

By shiney570
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Hello Community!
Unfortunately i have to tell you that I am [u]not[/u] going to continue my Pokemon Essentials BW2 Project which I started on March 2015. I stopped working on it on October 2015. I never really wanted to release the stuff I did for this project since I wasn't sure if I might go back working on it. But yeah you know life changes, interests change and I did not really continue working on it till now and I am quite sure that I will not finish the whole project (with everything I planned such as Battle System,Speech Bubble System,...) either anytime soon which means that there won't be a full package release like venom12314 or KleinStudio has. Thats why I thought it'd be great if I release all the stuff I did so you guys can make use of it. Quitting my Main project does not mean that i am quitting Essentials Scripting at all. If I am getting a great idea it might be that I will write a public script or update this thread with a new script. in addition to that i am planning on adding fixes to things that you guys tell me don't work properly so you might check out the changelog here and there. I want to thank a lot of great people who helped me during this project.

Link to the project:…
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It is awesome! But it doesnt work on 17.2 :/

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Hello good afternoon! First, I really liked your project. Does it work on version 17.2 of the essentilas Pokémon? I did the installation, but no changes happen

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Hello Shiney, your mod looks amazing but the download link is dead. Could you re-upload it to another site?
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Podrías re subirlo a otro pagina reliccastle esta caído 
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I have a question! How is it that the quality of sprites that you ripped is much higher than which i ripped?? Do you guys edit the image after its rendered. If so please teach me 
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are you talking about the UIs and stuff like that? well i just ripped it in halfscreensize and took a screenshot with a snapping tool. then simply doubled the size afterwards
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Schade hast dir ja viel mühe gegeben.

Trotzdem: Well done
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dich gibt es ja auch noch :D moin
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Ja Klar gibt es mich acuh noch :D 
 Moin ^^
Wie gehts wie stehts?
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Great work, I'll make use of some of this! Fan games need to start using gen 5 style more, looks amazing.
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Well that's okay, either way it was a cool project to check out. :)

So are you taking script requests or deciding on things yourself?
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sure you can request something or give me an idea... whether i'll do it or not is a different thing :D
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If you check out this link it leads to some scripts that go with the default RMPX:…

One of the scripts is called "Picture Gallery" and it would be cool if it were compatible with Pokemon Essentials.
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