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Welcome to a Land of Mystery!

Mon Aug 27, 2012, 2:19 PM by Madda-Archive

Amongst the green stones of this meeting you shall be delighted to encounter shines... bright or dimmer shines that nonetheless marvel us with their magnificent light.
These shines are gathered together in a dark forest and they are Shines of Mystery
Delight in their presence, awe at their glimmer for they are unique and enchanting!

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Very well, cutting the fancy talk, :iconbliood-kira: and :iconmadda-archive: are proud to  present the Fantasy Group: :iconshinesofmystery:! It is a group dedicated to fine 2Dimensional Fantasy Art with taste, talent and tricks.

General Rules:

PLEASE, read the rules before you submit!

Do NOT submit in the Featured Gallery!

:bulletred: In the Group we accept art that is made in 2D mediums, so this means NO 3D art, Photography, Photo-manipulation, Artisan Crafts of any kind or Literature.
:bulletorange: Only art that has a certain level of quality will be accepted, so if you will be declined, it has been because you have not met that standard of quality, which is not subjective.
:bulletyellow: Do not submit Art that is not yours without the consent of the Person in question.
:bulletgreen: We do not accept stolen art! Madda-Archive, our co-founder, is adept at recognizing thieves, truth be told.
:bulletblue: Seeing as this is a community, treat your peers with dignity and respect, for they are artists as well. Do NOT get into fights!
:bulletpurple: Contests and Challenges shall occur once the group has reached a consistent number of members. Have patience... We'll grow!
:bulletblack: Restrain yourselves from aping out or raging for nothing. Respect the time and effort people put in their deviations and do not insult the Founders!

Group Invitations and Submission Rules:

:bulletwhite: Anyone can Enter! But Note that your deviations will be subject to vote.
:bulletpink: any deviant can now suggest 1 fav/folder/day
members can submit 1 deviations/folder/week
members can suggest 2 fav/folder/week
Any Member of Affiliates can submit 3 deviations/folder/week
Any Member of Affiliates can suggest 2 fav/folder/week. This rule can change once the group gets bigger. Featured Gallery is available for Administrators and Contributors only!
:bulletpurple: From each folder we shall chose which deviation deserves to be in Featured. You might just be the lucky one :D Who knows? ;P
:bulletblue: Contributors have the ability to submit 5 deviations per day, but we shall accept only the ones that are up to standard.
:bulletgreen: Sketchy deviations that do not have a finished aspect to them shall go into the LineArt and Sketches Folder!
:bulletyellow: I encourage you to read carefully and submit in the appropriate folder, otherwise your deviation runs the risk of being declined. Of course, we can move it, but I don't know if it will be to your liking, gents! ;P

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The group Folders are as Follows:

Digital Paintings and Drawings - Just digital art.
Landscapes and Scenery - Landscapes digital, traditional even pixel art accepted.
Traditional Paintings and Drawings - Just traditional art.
Fan Art - Characters, designs and other stuff that are not originally created by you, do not belong to you.
Anime and Manga - Anything that is in this style.
LineArt and Sketches - Both Traditional AND Digital.
Pixel Art and Oetaki - Pixelated Drawings of a larger scale.
Designs and Conceptual Fantasy - Like the title says :XD:
Miscellaneous -  Anything else that do not fit the folders above (comic strips, book covers, vectors, animations, films ...

What we do not accept

3D Rendering, Sculptures, NO Artisan Craft of Any Kind, including Painted Jewelery, Photography, Photomanipulations, Literature, Fractal Art, Body Art, Street Art and others
Art that is Abstract.

While Abstract art is a fantastical concept in itself, it does not convey concrete concepts that are clearly distinguishable as having shape or meaning. That's where abstract interpretation comes along, since many people have varying opinions on what an abstract work should represent.

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Very well. That was the welcome wagon passing by. I wish you a lovely stay and have fun and be productive and creative!

Reveal your shining mysteries to us!

Art by megatruh
CSS by Winyumi
Concept by Bliood-Kira

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Milton-scraps Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The work this group amazes me, but makes me question if I would just be wasting your time by joining. Some of the work this group showcases,  gives me the impression that i would not meet your standards. If so it would be a waste of both of  our time if the work i produce is below your standards and yours by having to reject it. I was just curious if I am of an acceptable skill level or not. Even so, I will probably still watch this group anyway.

Thanks and sorry for rambling. 
Bliood-Kira Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Like my friend madda here is saying most notably you're drawings would get rejected, but if you practice enough you can make better quality art. Some of you concepts can become very interesting wits some colors and practice.

You are a devinat just fro 2 weeks, you have enough time to improve and flourish. Just by watch good art, reading tutorial here on deviantart will help you improve in no time. My drawings where similar to yours when i first got here on DeviantArt, you will be surprised how much a website can help you, if you keep practicing. Not only me, most of the artists here started like you did.
Madda-Archive Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
With an account called Scraps, I am not surprised you having second thoughts. And you're kinna right. Your works are not really what we seek. The minimum we accept is along these lines: Mermaid by Last-Valentine Chill by DreamIsNotLife Shaman by Richard-Moon so I dunno. If you continue with your works and produce not necessarily more detailed, but more though out drawings, then we would accept your deviations. But as it stands, as judge, I would likely reject your submissions... with given reason of course :shrug:
Milton-scraps Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
DameOdessa Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Fair rules but if you don't mind, I have few questions:
-I usually do mixed media: it means I use the traditionnal lineart but digitally paint it (we can see both anyway.) Should I submit in the digital painting folder ?
-I sometimes draw for my friends and put them in the dA category "fan art": would you consider those works as fanarts or simple digital works :)
Thanks (I wouldn't bother you with miscategory :blush:)
Madda-Archive Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If the final result is a digital painting and it looks like one, then submit it to the Digital Art folder. 
If the final result still has semblance of the traditional drawing with very few traces of digital modification, submit it to the Traditional Art folder. Things like colouring with overlays or adding a bit of colour in some parts like at the eyes or gems to make them seem more rounded highlighted also fits here. 

THe gifts you make for people practically is fan art, but theoretically, you are not a fan(atic) of that person, you are a friend/ follower and you just wanted to make them gifts, not as tributes, the term of tribute applying to widely recognized artists/art movements/ medium/etc, but as signs of affection and consideration. 
So in this group they will not be considered Fan Art. They will fit into any of the other category folders. 

It's not a bother at all. Just ask away and our founders (Bliood-Kira :iconbliood-kira: me :iconmaddalinamocanu: or my sister :icontwin-trinkets:) shall reply gladily. ;P
DameOdessa Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OK, thank you very much for your kind explanations:huggle:
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