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Deviation Actions

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Do you want to be part of the ShinesOfMystery staff?

What would you have to do if you where to become a staff member:
:bulletwhite: Vote for deviations;
:bulletwhite: Vote for monthly feature;
:bulletwhite: Help with advertising our group, find more members;

All you have to do is apply by sending us a note.
Just use the staff application below and answer the questions.
The questions maked with a ":bulletyellow:" are obligatory.

:bulletpurple:Note Name:bulletpurple:
Staff Application

:bulletpurple: Note Content:bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple::bulletyellow:Why do you want to be a staff member in our group?

:bulletpurple::bulletyellow:How often are you on-line on deviantART?
(select 1 answer from below or give us a simmilar answer)
- I am always online
- I am always online but i do something else
- I enter every day
- I enter every day to just check my messages
- I enter almost 1 a week
- I enter almost 1 a week to check my messages
- I rarely enter

:bulletpurple::bulletyellow:What activities you usually do on deviantART?  
(select 1 or more answers from below- you can add your own key word like rarely or always)
- I search for ART
- I read forums
- I search for awesome deviants
- I check my messages
- I give comments
- I just fav stuff
- I write forums
- I write journals
- I would like to do more than just what is written above
(if you want to add more feel free to add)

:bulletpurple:What would you do to improve the group?

:bulletpurple::bulletyellow:What would you expect to do if you become a staff member?

:bulletpurple:If you want to say anything else please write it here.

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Concept by Bliood-Kira

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