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Maybe not your life, but definitely the cord of my life. I was revisiting some old images in storage today and found my very first drawing of Shinerai. I never drew him to be my sona, to be honest. I was just sitting in school one day almost four years ago and was practicing anatomy. Later that night, I was looking at the work of friends and artists I admire and learned this "fursona" term. I got pretty jealous that everyone had one of these fursona things and I didn't. I looked next to me to find mr.randomdragonthatidrewthatday and basically said "ah that's Shinerai now C:"

And so he was born!!

To be honest, I love Shinerai and I love his design but I found today that maybe he shouldn't look like what I've made him look like lately.

I drew this picture of the very first Shinerai there ever was and I've figured out how much I miss him, despite his ridiculous complications. I thought things like his raggity wings would suit actual Shinerai more than the beautiful ones he has now. He is a thief after all and probably doesn't really have good hygiene anyway. And even though they were a pain, I miss his markings. He does look a lot more natural now, but don't think I had to mute the markings so much.

Long story short, I'm really coming to think about Shinerai's design. I think I may revamp him again. I think, this time, I should put more thought into HIM PERSONALLY and what I think he should look like given his life style, element, an personality rather than just making him look like what I think looks good/original.

Thank you old!Shinerai for opening my eyes.


Xerox printer paper
ballpoint pen
Photoshop 7

Original Dimensions

Time Spent.


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Wow this creation is simply fantastic <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=D" title="=D (Big Grin)"/>! The choice of colors is very sensible! The yellow, the red the chestnut! Colors agrees perfectly with Shinerai so impressive as charming! The background is very simple but it goes perfectly with Shinerai! Colors, although different, agrees very well together!!! The head of Shinerai is my part(party) preferred! His(her,its) smile make him(it) very charming! The feathers of his(her,its) wings are magnificent also!!! In the position of this dragon, it looks like he wants to play with us!!! You made an exeptionnel work and I felicite you!!! You can be proud of you!<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)"/>
Super, very incredible!!!