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Recently an acquaintance, BlueJay-Cat, commented on one of my works. Wow, thank you for the comment and compliments <3 It reminded me of way back in the day, when she wanted to commission me to create a dragon form for her character, Blue Jay. I did some concept doodles and started to line, but then backed out of the commission because I didn't feel I had the appropriate amount of talent to complete the task in a way that would satisfy everyone. I did draw an image of my conceptual dragon form, and give it to Blue.

So upon reminiscing, I visited Blue's gallery and noticed her name character has a new design! A very cute and natural looking one -->… . For some reason, I couldn't resist the urge to revisit my old task of designing a dragon form for Blue! So here it is, I did this with my evening. Maybe 9 hours. Took a break from coloring a commission for Draphilius. c:

I must state right here, Blue, I know you didn't know I was going to do this and you could possibly not even be interested anymore or already have a dragon form for your character. I am in no way forcing you to use this design, but I made it, here it is, and you can do anything you want with it if you so desire. In any form, it is a gift ♥

I can't take all the credit for the design, because 90% of the color and markings are taken from BlueJay-Cat's own character drawing. I just designed the dragon's body and transferred the markings cx Which was fun!


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Blue © :iconbluejay-cat:
Art © Shinerai yours truly!
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Featherbum! I know this is an oldie, but I really like it! :heart:
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I'm really glad you do! I still like it too, and it makes me really happy when I see blue commission people to draw this design ;u;
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i love the feather-winged design and the color scheme! great piece!
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Amazing work! I love the colors :D
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Gwaahhh so pretty! ;A; Bluuu :heart:
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Oh my God!!It's perfect!!!!Tee Hee 
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Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3] Blue Hearts - Free to use Heart2Heart -Free 2 Use beautiful!!! like i can't even...!!!! Kobeni Confused Icon HOW DO YOU DO THIS?!?!?!!?!?! YOU'RE AMAZING! YOUR DRAGONS ARE PURE PERFECTION!!!! Tomoko Spinning Icon 
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Thank you for the compliments ;u;
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Do a Baby version of this
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I love how the feathers change into skin wings :)
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Bluejays are mean birds anyway, so mixing them with a dragon is awesome. xD
Very neat!(: You are very good at combining mythology creatures with real animals, and I love that! Keep it up, and maybe you should do a fish dragon or something! (: Your VERY great!
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