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How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Shinerai
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Title from Agatha Christie's Poirot

This took longer than I want to admit, but I'm very pleased with the outcome. It was really quite nice to revisit a lined fullbody style, and to throwback to some Shin-isms of the past, if you know what they are :) I experimented with shading in various ways, looking for something that could be a 'me' thing. It maybe wasn't a super good idea to test on a galaxy character because it required tons of layers, but my computer managed to survive (though it was questionable at the end haha)!

Anyway, this work features Dream-Fractures character Amalthea. This was originally going to be a smaller kiriban piece but was upgraded to a trade ;D

Character  © :icondream-fractures:
Artwork © :iconshinerai: my face!
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© 2020 Shinerai
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Great work. How's things going?

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Thanks! Doing well on my side, just same stuff different day. What about you?

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Doing okay. Although getting tired of customers being so demanding at our restaurant. One person returned demanding sauce for his fish like someone who is obsessed over it.

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That sucks :( Is it more demanding than usual? We've been dealing with a lot of needy customers too, haha.

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Yes. It's like a good chunk of people are always on edge these days.

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Thank you so much for this!

She's so lovely, I jus tajkldfhasuhdrgjwnk;Hasdfjkgh

The reflective, little scales under her wings is such a smart attention to detail, it's so pretty.

You also gave her a sense of weight, mass, and presence? If that makes sense? She looks more like a tangible creature, I find it really cool.

I want to hold her paws and touch the pawpads lol.

You've also given the spikes on her back/start of her tail so much more oomph, if you will.

She looks threatening, yet lovely. I like that you gave her eyebrows, too!

Again, thank you so much!!! All the praise!!!

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You are so generous, thank you! I am so glad you like her, really ;u; ♥ Thank you for doing a trade with me, I couldn't be more happy!

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Nice. She or he is a pretty little jewel dragon. I like the sparkles.

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Thank you! C:

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aww man, everything you do is just absolutely stunning! I have way too many favorite parts of this drawing, from the way the light reflects through the horns and shines blue on the body, to the way the perspective is so perfect as well as the range of motion. You seem to get better with every drawing you do! I cant wait to see more (and if you ever get room for commissions please tell me cause I've wanted a drawing for years from you lol)

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Thank you so much for the compliments! ;o; I'm really so happy with how this came out. I hope to keep making cool stuff! And noted on the commissions ;)

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you're welcome :)

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Fabulous sparkly dragon! Love how you do that thing where the other wing is close to the view point and blurs a bit, and with a certain sense of motion.

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thank you so much for the compliments! Haha yes, that is one of the throwbacks xD I enjoyed doing an eye-stabbing wing again.

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I end up loving it every time you do it. :3

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Ooooh, you finished THE SPARKLE! <3 This is looking gorgeous! OvO

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Thank you! I really am quite happy with how it came out xD glad I used a brush for this one instead of hand drawing it like last time.

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Can you enlighten me about the Shin-isms? I would like to know.

Also, damn. From the perspective to the coloration, its all so good. Your content is sparse, yes, but it leaves a lasting impression. It is definitely enough to go from one drawing to the next.

Also, those fucking transparent spikes man... Wow.

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Thank you so much for the compliments ;u; I tried really hard to pay attention to details on this one so I'm glad you noticed them.

As for the Shin-isms, I used to use a lot of Photoshop Noise, do a lot more "floaty poses", and I used to do a lot of eye-stabbing wings xD

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Can ya show me the most blatant example of that from your old works?

Its funny how with you, details are always a thing. You get them just the right way (some artists on here overdo the details IMO), but you do so while just doing your style. However, when you decide to pay <i>particular</i> attention to details, some really great stuff comes out.

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Haha, it means a lot to me that you say that! I'm still developing my relationship with details, but it's going in a positive direction, I think xD.

As for Shin-isms, Photoshop noise is one of the first things I started putting on artworks It later changed to textures most of the time. This one also employs floaty-pose.


More floaty:

Trade: Zenryu-Ka
Trade: Heilos

And eye poking favs... which also happen to float...

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Ahh, I see! You were basically doing a "trip down memory lane" project with this drawing, in a way. The red dragon (second to last) reminds me if Nigel from Rio, when he was singing his "I am vicious" song, haha.

Also, I forgot how damn varied your portfolio is... One of these days I need to just go digging through. What kind of treasures I will find, who knows?

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